Masum, confirms that the reform requires altruism and calls to go beyond the «difficult conditions» Abadi wonders why the reshuffle turned to (crunch) ?! Jubouri and warns of (imminent danger) .. Maliki is political corruption «aggression»

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Posted 09/04/2016 05:58 PM

Three presidencies agreed that the political process is going through a major crisis and we must all stand together to find appropriate solutions to come up with solutions satisfy everyone away from the singularity. President Fuad Masum said he emphasized the political process is going through (difficult conditions), and everyone maintained, pointing out that the stage through which Iraq requires a lot of altruism to overcome. Masum said in a speech during a ceremony «Day of the Iraqi martyr» hosted by the Supreme Council on the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Mr. Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr and Mr. Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim «We passed a lot of serious challenges, but still calls us to deal with it a great responsibility, especially in the reform». He added that «the political process is passing through difficult times and we have overcome them», adding that «reconciliation is the condition in achieving the desired reform and there correlation between them». He infallible, saying, «we still continue heroic military action to cleanse our country from terrorism, and we need to work harder than our friends to dry up the sources of terrorism». For his part, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said the partnership does not mean the gains and privileges. He pointed out that the reshuffle is a small part of the reform, surprising Altsagaitih of the attack suffered by the new ministerial candidates cabin presented to parliament. He said al-Abadi during his speech at the official celebration of the Day of the Iraqi martyr that «this opportunity pass us in a few cases in conjunction between the memory of the martyr Mehrab testimony of Mr. Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim and the martyr Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr with the fall of the Baath regime, which used all the possibilities of the state to kill and suppress citizen». He said «we have to work on how to give an example of Hakiq to achieve reform of the country rather than stick to the selfless and use tools outside the traditional framework for the advancement of the country with these challenges is going through.» Among al-Abadi said the reshuffle a small part of the reform, which is a big march in the reform of the state system and the fight against corruption and reinforcing the principle of fairness and how to consolidate to provide the service to the citizen. "There vision made and I welcome other visions presented well and I imagine the visions that Taatlaqah and add to each other so that the experiment succeed," he said, adding he was "not defective disagree visions on the contrary different Ruana and our views may enrich us thinking by the other to take advantage of it our integrated not stand deduced we benefit from the insights others and perspectives of others this reform process and the process of enriching and those in the work we have to be with Bazha others may not be crossed if crossed will be the outcome of our progress «zero», "noting that" to disagree in views considering in order to reach the best vision of the hand, but we must unite in our efforts to achieve what is the most suitable. " He stressed the importance of not insisting on the sites and privileges to offer whiter picture of the sacrifices of the martyrs who Without them we would not be here. He expressed surprise at the attack on the ministerial list presented to parliament oddly Criticism does not mean that determine how our competencies and our energies, what remains of the community? He explained that «the sacrifices of heroes and fighters of jihad fatwa Ulkipaia precious is the secret of our pride and called for solidarity between the social and the political class out of the challenges that we are going through». Abadi asked, "Why the reshuffle turned into a crisis? Because I wanted the best lineup government to provide citizens with pride in what their current ministers, but we need with the challenges we face to promote the governmental structure of the different sectors." But Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, has stressed that the reform process does not stop at changing the operational sites and even beyond it to reconsider the methodology of building the state and seek to pass laws package will enable us to achieve societal reconciliation prompt, while warned that the stage does not accommodate the re-trial twice and danger raided and time is short. Jubouri said in a speech at the central ceremony which was hosted by the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, "that all this requires giving priority to the spirit of solidarity and national responsibility and get away from the systematic obstruction or give up and make the supreme national interest primarily to work at this stage." Jubouri called to keep the current move from partisan goals narrow and seize the opportunity to make a quantum leap in the political process, saying that "with all over us from the circumstances and the challenges we find ourselves today in the worst crisis difficult and suffocation and most forestry and sensitivity, which requires us great Tgerda of individual and partisan impulses to national and popular interests, and it needs us more wisdom and prudence before taking any step. " The head of the House of Representatives, that these days a comma and important in the history of the political process, and even the history of Iraq, adding that "we tiger together responsibly Calendar and evaluation to face the risk of demolition and division under the face of the most dangerous enemy of mankind Daash and the risk is another difficult economic situation, which passes us and suffered all oil-producing countries with low prices. " This is a promise the Secretary General of the Islamic Dawa Party, Nouri al-Maliki on Saturday, the political corruption that «sin and aggression», and was charged with «counterweight» industry crises in Iraq and the region, he called for the need to preserve the unity of the country. Maliki said in a speech at the central celebration of the Islamic Dawa Party, set up on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of its founder, Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr: The «Iraq and the region are undergoing a crisis of counter-force to the movement of awareness of industry», indicating that «this leads us to a greater awareness of what drafted in the media». He called on Maliki to «preserve the unity and stability of the country and the lineup behind our military and popular mobilized», considering at the same time that «financial, political and moral corruption of sin and aggression». It is noteworthy that the Iraqi provinces of Baghdad and several witness every Friday mass popular demonstrations demanding reforms and the fight against corruption and improve services. He called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in (7 March 2016), the «revolution» against corruption starting with (the top of the head of the corruption) in the state, while stressing the need to open large files, warned of the arrival of corruption to the regulatory agencies.