A political source: political blocs Abadi handed the names of candidates for ministerial positions and the number of ministries (22) and the Ministry !!
04:04 PM

Received Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, on Saturday, the political blocs nominations for ministerial positions on the basis of variety 'technocrats'.

A political source said in a press statement, said that the 'old nominations for Ebadi has changed completely, after he became the agreement on the nomination of all parties participating in the candidates , the government renewed in accordance with the proposed government of technocrats standards', noting that ' the main criteria is the competence and experience and the lack of political and biography good affiliation'.

The source, who declined to be named, said that ' the number of ministries will be 22 ministries only, according to the proposed quota in the current government', adding that 'some of the blocks do not have candidates for the ministries, and was forced to nominate other functions'.

He added that 'Abadi , the final list will be presented on Sunday morning, to the House of Representatives is expected to vote on them on Monday.'