Deputy: Kerry's visit to Iraq confusion Securities and deepening political problems
[Where - Baghdad]
considered the Deputy for the National Alliance, said on Saturday that the visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry to Iraq "to confuse and deepen political and security problems in the inside , " as she put it .
She said Ferdous al - Awadi said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, said that "US policy applied by Kerry does not deal with Iraq as an independent state, but rather deal with him as components, and this policy is totally neutral because they tend with some of the components on the expense of another."
she added, "this policy falls within the American agenda seeking to divide Iraq into cantons sectarianism and nationalism in order to weaken it ," expressing surprise that "Kerry is talking about the end of Daash as if America and its suspicious is that actually fight him and not Iraq Champions fervent whom the crowd the popular owner credit for the biggest liberalization of all areas. "
warned al - Awadi , the Iraqi government , " US suggestions aimed at the presence of US intention of violating the security agreement and to stay in Iraq, and this was confirmed by a former official at the US national security Raimunt Tenz, who stressed that any new American president will send forces new US to Iraq, noting that "this statement from the US official came immediately after Kerry 's false statement that the US additional troops will not be sent." in the recipe.
predicted, that "the US presence in the post - Daash is to separate these components and cutting ties religious historical and social among the Iraqi people, and this is what America is trying since quite some time. "
and confirmed that" if there was no intention to America like this , it will dig the grave of her in Iraq because the resistance fighters and the sons of the popular crowd will not be silenced on this US frivolity will not accept that Iraq returns occupied again. "
The US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Iraq yesterday and held a series of meetings with senior officials and Iraqi leaders denied the request of Iraq from the United States to increase the number of US troops.