Industry opens two labs Steel Industries and Darraji confirms: ready for reform will not stick to the job


Baghdad / long - Presse

It opened the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, two labs Steel Industries in Taji, north of Baghdad, and promised a shift in the rail industry on Iraq, and called upon all state institutions to contracting with public company Steel Industries for possession of six giant plants, Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji "confirmed his readiness for reform and lack of adherence to the ministerial job. "
The Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji, the opening of the two labs in the company's steel industry steel structures plant and plant-ferrous foundries margin in Taji, north of Baghdad, attended by (long-Presse), "On this day we opened two lines Antegean new rail sections and cranes cranes and lab lab another projectile rocket and mortar lab, "noting that" the opening of these two Almaji considered leap in the rail industry on Iraq. "
He Darraji, that "The ministry has the products up to 164 billion dinars in just six months, twice the annual our budget," noting that "the Ministry of Industry do not need to burden the state and if cooperated other ministries and has purchased the product Snrphi state budget by 4 or 5%." .
He Darraji, that "there are 163 bridges destroyed in the liberated areas from the control of the organization (Daash) can this plant reconstruction of these bridges if the use of competent and honest intention of ministries of these products for ages destroyed bridges."
In a separate context, the Minister of Industry and Minerals, "We are ready to be part of the reform will not adhere Bmnesbna We are the first people we introduced resignations."
For his part, spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Abdul Wahid al-Shammari, "Today was the opening of landfills line Alaotmetekih a specialized plumbing sand and produces medium and steel castings production capacity and produces mortar rounds of 120 mm is a modern German line," stressing that "there are discussions between the Ministries Industry and defense continuous meetings will arrive eventually to the signing of an agreement on the ministry's products. "
He Shammari, that "there is a great and sincere moves by the brothers in the popular crowd in order to contract with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals," pointing out that "the Ministry of Industry ready to contract with any governmental entity for the purpose of equipping missiles and mortar rounds different and there's optimism to contract over the next year 2017 ".
He said al-Shammari, said: "Everyone knows that you need with making war materiel to hard currency in the absence of the contract with the brothers specialists in this field, we can not produce."
In turn, the general director of the Steel Industries Inc. Jalal Abbas Hussein, "it was the opening of two lines Strutegeyn They add production lines in the steel industry plants first line templates Alaotmetekih specialized plumbing and produces more than 110 templates for different types of castings for civilian industries and military industries," adding that " The second line is the joists rail equipped by an Italian company that enters the area of ​​the reconstruction of bridges and features quickly achievement and the monument. "
He pointed Hussein, that "iron joists plant able to supplement the areas where battles have been affected by the bridges, and now we can return those bridges through this effective line", calling on "all state institutions to contract with the Ministry of Industry and in particular with the General Company for Steel Industries Private We have a giant plants steel structures plant and laboratory Almsagvat for all types and cranes, towers and Alglunh plumbing, roads, machining and central services. "
The general manager of Steel Industries Inc., that "these plants can fill a need pieces of the state and the private sector by a large margin without relying on imported".
The Minister of Industry and Minerals, Mohammed al-Darraji, announced in (the 25th of January 2016), about the success of the general defense industry company, the public and the company's steel industries, and the General Company for the manufacture of cars and equipment, in the production of mortar rounds, rockets, 107 mm proportions manufacturing Local production exceeded 80 percent In cooperation with the private sector, he returned it provides trillion dinars annually and reduce dependence on foreign sources of armament.