First Tourism Forum calls for the support of the private sector in Iraq and calls for twinning with international companies


Baghdad / Muhannad Jawad

Called on the owners of Iraqi and Arab tourist companies, to support the tourism sector and revitalization through the provision of facilities and highlight the beautiful image of the country, as demanded Iraqi Tourism Authority of the private sector that will be at the responsibility in the revitalization of this sector, Iraqi officials have stressed the need for twinning Iraqi companies with Arab and international counterparts in tourism.
The director of the organization Musl company of the Forum of Tourism in Iraq and Walid al-Zubaidi said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "this event is the first of its kind in Iraq, where we succeeded in attracting 25 tourism companies from 15 countries in all jurisdictions and agencies and nearly 500 Iraqi local company."
Zubaidi said that "the forum aims to engage in dialogue and exchange of tourism programs and contracts between the participating companies," noting that "important step in the forum is the development of domestic tourism in Iraq." For his part, Chairman of the Tourism Authority of the Ministry of Culture Mahmoud al-Zubaidi said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "this event will move reality of tourism in Iraq, from local to international, and will increase competition between tourism companies in Iraq, thus contributing to maximizing the resources of the country."
Zubaidi said that "the Forum predicts that the private tourism sector in Iraq is alive and active factor."
He Zubaidi ready body for "the support of all private sector activities to stimulate tourist traffic," pointing out that "the Tourism Authority provided the best service to the private sector through a number of facilities, including facilitating the entry of tourists and the movement of aircraft and provide better ways for Tourism Investment."
Zubaidi promised that "some companies are working for their own interests and not the interests of the public and private sectors, which form payoff negatively on the tourism movement in Iraq there and became brokerage only procuring entry without providing services to groups tourist attributes There are also problems on the rise in some started complaining about too much hotel rates of nations. "
In turn, the member of the House defense Taha said in an interview to the (long-Presse), on the sidelines of a tourism forum "The forum was held in Baghdad is very important in light of the exceptional circumstances faced by the country."
Defense and called on the Iraqi government and the Investment Authority to "support the travel and tourism companies of this sector to be an important resource for the economy of Iraq after the fall in oil prices and the country has a high capacity in the tourism sector."
He called on the defense to "the conclusion of the twinning contracts between Iraqi companies and Arab and foreign counterparts and bring in battalions of tourists."
For his part, the Director of the Tunisian Aopettmaz Company for Tourism and Travel Fathi Yassin said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "this conference came at an appropriate time, although we we wish to hold several years ago to recognize the world the truth about what is happening in Iraq."
Yassin said that "we began a month ago in January last reception of the Iraqi tourist delegations to Tunisia," pointing to "the presence of large facilities with regard to obtaining entry visa to Tunisia can Asthsalha within a week."
Through Yassin hope that "the Iraqi tourism companies succeed by attracting Tunisian tourists to Iraq in the coming period," noting that "Iraq is a beautiful country and it's life until after midnight, the opposite of what moves him abroad," calling on the Iraqi media to "the transfer of what is beautiful for their country even encourage people to come to Iraq as tourists. "
The capital of Baghdad has seen, last Thursday, kicks off the first tourism forum in Iraq sponsored by the Foundation (range) for Media, Culture and Arts Inc. Musl for tourism and travel, while participating in the forum, which will run for two days 25 local, Arab and foreign companies.
The forum is held under the auspices of Foundation (range) for Media, Culture and Arts Inc. Musl travel and tourism.