Hakim reveals work on ministerial lineup for the country for the next two years
April 8, 2016
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The head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar Hakim, Friday, that the Council works with all political forces to reach a ministerial lineup capable of managing the country for the next two years, among all political forces supported the "road map".
Al-Hakim said in a speech addressed to his followers in central Baghdad and 14 provinces during the celebration on the occasion of "martyr's day", and its dependency economy agency newsletter, that "men stream revered fill fronts and opt for reputable residencies at the finest triumphs and other men from the revered fill meeting negotiations bring views and launch initiatives and provide political solutions and obtain the trust of partners and friends," Noting that "there are career triumph here brilliance and pride."
Wise said, "today you they head significant reform project for you and project owners see you put solutions and mapped out the road map, endorsed by all political forces," adding "we will work with everybody that exceed Government crisis and to reach a ministerial lineup are capable of leading Iraq to the remaining two years of age. http://www.microsofttranslator.com/bv.aspx?from=&to=en&a=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.iqtesaduna.com%2F2016%2F04%2F08 %2F%25d8%25a7%25d9%2584%25d8%25ad%25d9%2583%25d9%2 58a%25d9%2585-%25d9%258a%25d9%2583%25d8%25b4%25d9%2581-%25d8%25b9%25d9%2586-%25d8%25a7%25d9%2584%25d8%25b9%25d9%2585%25d9%2584-%25d8%25b9%25d9%2584%25d9%2589-%25d8%25aa%25d8%25b4%25d9%2583%25d9%258a%25d9%2584 %25d8%25a9-%25d9%2588%25d8%25b2%25d8%25a7%25d8%25b1%25d9%258a %25d8%25a9%2F