Zebari: 21 countries will participate in the summit and the leaders will attend the session before

03.27.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -

Baghdad / range Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari complete all preparations for the Arab summit in Baghdad, while pointing out that 21 countries will participate the conference except for Syria, which "has not been invited," and that the summit helped Iraq to restore his relationship with a large number of countries, pointing out that some leaders will come to Baghdad days before the conference and others "will stay for days, also after it ends." Zebari said in an interview with the satellite Sumerian Monday evening that "the Summit will continue for three days where it will be on 27 March preparatory meeting of the Ministers of Finance and Economy On 28 will be a meeting of Foreign Ministers, and the summit meeting basis will be on March 29 is the top of a full and complete, and there heads will come by these days and there are those who will remain in Baghdad for days after the summit. " Zebari stressed that "all the preparations to host the summit Baghdad and accessories political, security, technical and regulatory completed" , pointing out that "the summit in Baghdad is important to Iraq and the Arab countries and the Arab League as an organization and as an institution, and the importance lies in that the summit be held in difficult conditions in the region and the Arab nation and peoples." He Zebari that "the summit in Baghdad would be an important message about the integration of Iraq in the Arab world and in Hadhanth Arab and regional levels is also a sign of Iraq's ability to organize major conference and that the Arab presence and international level is important, especially as the largest figure is the Secretary General of the United Nations will attend the summit. " He Zebari said that "the summit helped to address issues with the State of Kuwait There is now agreements with them, and also with Saudi Arabia, where he received his openness in relations at the level of visits and the designation of an ambassador in Iraq. "He said Zebari that" the Iraq crisis with the Arab states had begun since 1990 and no later than 2003 because Iraq was punished and besieged international, Islamic and countries ostracized because of occupation of Kuwait , and policies of the former regime, demagoguery, intervention and threat, "pointing out that" Iraq has suffered after 2003 also in its relations with Arab because of the presence of the occupation and regime change and the nature of the system that came out of the will of the people. " He Zebari said that "the Summit Foundation stand-alone and was threatened, and two years ago did not hold a meeting or conference and so when they host Iraq summit, this is will contribute to the survival of the League of Arab rule, the task was the product of the struggles and the work by previous generations, "asserting that" 21 countries will participate in the summit except for Syria, which has not been invited because of the decision of the Council of the university. " He Zebari said that "the level of representation at the summit decision is up to the participating countries and we want the highest representation and we look forward to that event and the importance of the topics," noting that "our data before the start of the summit indicate that the Baghdad summit will succeed."

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