Kerry Announces to Jaafari $ {155} million dollars as humanitarian aid to displaced families in Iraq
Tarikh التحریر: 2016/5/8
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{Baghdad: Euphrates news} Foreign Minister John Kerry to provide $ {155} million dollars as humanitarian aid to displaced families in Iraq.
And Jaafari's Office said in a statement received agency {forat news}, "Ibrahim Al-Jaafari and Foreign Minister met with his counterpart John Kerry's Secretary of State, and his party, they discussed bilateral relations between Baghdad and Washington, and ways to open more prospects for cooperation, and activate the common interests and common threats facing the region and the world, and the latest developments in security, politics, and the war against gangs daash.
Jaafari stressed that "a coherent Iraq before all the challenges facing it, and will continue its efforts to maintain the unity and the liberation of its territory from terrorist, daash gangs work to uphold its sovereignty, its democracy and defend the achievements obtained, and commitment to Government that works for the benefit of the people, and respect for the Constitution, building State institutions, combating corruption, prevention interventions in the internal affairs of Iraq".
The "sons of our armed forces, the heroes of the popular crowd, clans, and the peshmerga they cause large losses, daash terrorists and free land area after another", praising the support provided by the United States and the international community to Iraq especially now that Iraq is experiencing exceptional circumstances of security challenges, and it will never forget the friendly States that stand next to it in times of adversity, calling on the international community to take serious chemical bombardment of the village of Taza, and provide further assistance The size comparable to real challenges experienced by Iraq.
Said Secretary of John Kerry, "we stand together against terrorism, daash gangs", praising the great victories achieved by the Iraqi people, and fought bravely against terrorists daash said, adding that he had invested in Bahrain's meetings recently with Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to mobilize support and assistance for Iraq in its war against terrorism, and the need for cooperation, and contribute to the reconstruction of the liberated territories, the return of stability, relying on Al-Jaafari as head of the largest parliamentary bloc in Iraq The National Alliance is to play its role in this sensitive juncture in the political process.
Kerry announced a $ 155 million dollars as humanitarian aid for displaced families, and begin work on removing mines from the liberated areas in gray; to create conditions for the return of displaced persons to their homes, adding that continuing to work on providing more support and urged the International Monetary Fund to provide more financial grants to the Iraqi Government. article.php%3Fstoryid%3D113648