A government obsessed go from the 5 trillion to the private sector without them

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Said Advisor to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, that there is an obsession with the state that goes dedicated to supporting the private sector in misplaced the $ 5 trillion dinars, or that the tainted by corruption.

He said the appearance Saleh in an interview that "the amount of the 5 trillion dinars allocated by the central bank to run the Iraqi economy and raising the level of growth in it, should go to the right goals, and the state is very careful and accurate in the subject of the disbursement of these loans and dispose of them, and fortify of corruption, or go to unallocated, have their purposes. "

He stressed that "the government does not want to hand over the money to the wrong people, who do not serve development in Iraq."

Saleh explained that "the loan in two forms, the first terms of the small, the $ trillion dinars funding, and guaranteed by private banks, an interest rate not to exceed 5% for a period of about 3 years, and is allocated to finance small businesses, small such as markets, shops carpentry, blacksmithing and other ...".

He noted that "the second form of loans, is financing medium and large, and will be handled by the industrial and agricultural two banks, in addition to the housing fund."

And Saleh that "loans to fund housing dedicated to housing only, which is about 50 million and guarantees every citizen a soft interest

, As are agricultural and industrial loans, the two banks which will be launched within days, according to the standards of integrity and is immune from corruption, such as the opening credits and feasibility studies. "