Hakim seeks to form a government to run the country for the next two years .. Kerry announces US from Baghdad sustained support of Ebadi .. asserts: Daash days are (a few)

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Posted 08/04/2016 06:25 PM

Orient - Special:
US Secretary of State John Kerry, who visited Baghdad on Friday, said that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi did not submit any request to send a new US troops to help fight al Daash .. Kerry said to reporters at the embassy that he wants to reiterate its support for the US president and his deputy to Ebadi, who faces political crisis and faltering economy as well as the battle against Daash. He added that he explained to the servants, it is important that there should be political stability in Iraq through military operations are not affected. Kerry had met earlier with Abadi and senior Iraqi officials. The US Secretary of State John Kerry said his country does not interfere with the upcoming government in Iraq is an internal affair. Kerry is visiting Baghdad for security and political talks with Baghdad and Erbil officials. Kerry told a press conference on the sidelines of his visit, «placed the formation of the Iraqi government is an internal affair. We do not interfere with them, and we are not mediators so». But Kerry certainly However, speaking on «the necessity of forming a government to play political stability». The US Reuters agency that the visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry to Iraq to show support for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi while facing political and economical crisis dilapidated and battle to regain territory controlled by the organization of the Islamic state. Abadi and raised concerns last week Iraq's political elite to propose a cabinet reshuffle aimed at combating rampant corruption and replaces veteran politicians with technocrats and academics. Abadi and seeks to rid the Iraqi ministries from the grip of a political class that exploited the ethnic and sectarian quota system in place after the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 to achieve wealth and power through corruption. US officials fear that harm the political situation turbulent Iraq's efforts to regain land lost in favor of organizing Daash private city of Mosul, the second major cities of Iraq, dominated by fighters of the organization while the collapsed side of the Iraqi army in 2014. That said US Secretary of State John Kerry at a news conference in the capital Iraqi Baghdad on an unannounced visit in advance, that the organization «Daash» losing land and money and fighters per day, which in the case of self-defense, «We will not tolerate in the campaign against him in Iraq». He said Kerry, the international coalition will continue to provide assistance that the Iraqis needed to confront them with Daash, the United States would provide financial and logistical assistance to Iraq in the post this organization, stressing that the days Daash are numbered in Iraq and Syria, and explained that any existing forces in Iraq came at the request of Iraqi government. Kerry pointed out that the US role in the process of Mosul limited to support, Iraqis are the primary actor in, and confirmed that the Iraqi government did not ask to send US troops to Iraq. On the side of a nearby The head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, on Friday, that the Council is working with all the political forces to reach the ministerial lineup capable of managing the country for the next two years. Hakim said in a speech marking the anniversary of the martyrdom of Mr. Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim, said that «men martyr Mehrab stream filling fronts and Istron finest victories and other men from the stream martyr Mehrab filling the negotiating halls Afikrbun views and launch initiatives and offer political solutions and obtain the confidence of partners and friends», pointing out that «there certificate and a victory here and shine and the glory.» He said the «Saraya martyr Mehrab stream heroine battling terrorism and achieved victories and is committed to the banner of the nation and obedient to the directives of reference», saying it «battling silently and patiently and win prayer of wisdom and a far cry from the bustle and noise and showiness. He said «we will work aggressively with everyone that the government is exceeding its crisis and get to the ministerial lineup be able to lead Iraq's remaining two years of the life of the government». The «Our mission today to protect Iraq and express it to safety and then the account will be difficult to account for all of the blood of this people ventured dispelled Orezagh and Khan Secretariat». Adding «that all the political forces supported the national reform initiative, and we will work with the rest of the political parties that the government will be during the next two years are able to overcome the crisis, and we Haorna everyone we communicate with everyone and we made sacrifices, solutions and initiatives, in every crisis and turn shut the doors and keep our doors open to receive everyone because we are the owners of solutions and a vision and a project ». He described the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, leader of the political process Kalmask catcher on the embers of a fire, stressing that to be legitimate and legal force the stream martyr Mehrab Representative of the Supreme Council to maintain the gains of the legitimate process. But he stressed that this trend will depend decisiveness and firmness policy and will be decisive in its decisions and firm in their choices without a truce or a compliment. Hakim accused unnamed parties of trying to misinformation and confusion to sow divisions.