We were: 4 new candidates are members of the Committee for the nomination of al - Abbadi and others covered by ablation

2016-04-08 14:04:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

A member of the Commission to support reforms , the problem of Yonadam leaders of political blocs were to audits initial CVs of the members of the new cabin made ​​by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi explained that four of the candidates are members of a committee Abadi experts which was charged mainly with the task of providing the names.

He said we were in a press statement that it also shows that other candidates covered by the accountability and justice process (de - Baathification), and can not be handed over senior positions in the state, as well as that most of the members of the cabin provided by Abadi are professors and academics, were crews functional in the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation .

He also noted that the next two days will witness intensive dialogues with Abadi out to Regulation standardized names agreed to the Government of technocrats in order to pass them in the House of Representatives with the consent of all, and as soon as possible, after the committee rejected most of the names given by the prime minister to parliament last Thursday.

He said a committee member said Abadi when he presented the candidates authorized the House of Representatives the power to restore their consideration or acceptance of all or part of them while pointing out that the political blocs will are also candidates for the government of technocrats on according to the mechanics of the Prime Minister to have the latter with the approval before it is presented for a vote.