Iraq missed 200 billion dollars of his money, half in just four years

BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press: detecting an economist, just peace, that corruption done by the political class led to the loss of more than $ 200 billion from the funds of the Iraqi state, adding that the final data for the budget for Iraq since 2007 and even in 2011 showed a loss of $ 100 billion its fate is not known yet. And Nguet "new Arab" newspaper, Adel as saying that "Iraq occupy the last positions in the reports relating to the transparency of the budget as a result of corruption carried out by the political class and led to the loss of more than $ 200 billion over the recent years , " adding that "Iraq rejects application open budget because it shows the extent of corruption in the state and are the ones who are doing, through concealment of the fate of public funds and mechanisms for disbursement. " He stressed that" the Iraqi government violates the law of financial management due to lack of budget transparency and withhold information from the public, which led to chaos in the country 's economy and prevent the entry of solid companies to invest in Iraq , "noting that" the international auditor 's reports revealed projects spent funds amounting to billions of dinars, was not implemented them something and went their money into the pockets of politicians to cover financial expenses partisan. " He pointed out that" previous governments had refused to send data final to parliament for approval in a timely manner, while the current government has sent the final data from 2007 to 2011 showed a loss of $ 100 billion was unaccounted for until now , "adding that" it is assumed that the government show reports on the budget strategy and during the discussion in the Council of Ministers after discussion and after approval from the parliament, and a monthly report showing the extent of the application of the budget and the semi - annual report, and then the final accounts report, but these procedures do not apply a final, with the exception of parliament 's report.