External: Kerry's visit to Baghdad tomorrow to meet with a number of officials

. 7.4.2016
| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad said the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, said Thursday that US Secretary of State John Kerry will visit Baghdad tomorrow, as indicated he would discuss with Iraqi officials the developments war against "Daash" important political issues. The spokesman said Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad Jamal in an interview Alsumaria News, " The US Secretary of State John Kerry will pay an official visit, tomorrow to the Iraqi capital Baghdad , " adding that it "will meet with a number of Iraqi officials , including Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari." said Jamal, that "will discuss developments in the war against al Daash terrorist and the role of the international coalition and the United States in support of Iraq, in addition to a number of important political issues. " raises attempts" Daash "to impose its control over Syria and Iraq concern to the international community, as expressed several countries, including Arab and foreign concern about attempts to organize this, as performs international coalition led by Washington 's air strikes against the organization sites scattered regions of the two countries. Add comment