Rasheed Bank cancels a commission of 1% of the owners of the smart card outlets
at 10:02 (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - balances News
Rasheed Bank, decided on Thursday to cancel the paragraph concerning the fulfillment of a commission of 1% of the owners of the smart card outlets and approved by the Board of Directors of the Bank in an earlier decision.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General Mohamed Abdel Wahab, in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, that "the Board decided to raise the ceiling on withdrawals daily to the owners of outlets to 400 million Iraqi dinars and for no longer than 8 cashouts and every day," he said, adding that "These measures come from to provide better banking services to the beneficiaries. "
And he has denied reports by the media in the news earlier that "the commission imposed on retired card holders to Card stressing that he had nothing to do to the holder of that card to withhold it." It ended 29/38
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