Agree to stay Abadi and ministers "technocrats" nominated by political blocs
Baghdad -arac Press -7 April
: President of the Iraqi Council of episodes Saleem al-Jubouri said the political blocs agree on Haider al-Abadi stay in office as prime minister, and that is the nomination of ministers of technocrats talented and honest and bring them to him.

Jubouri said in a televised interview, on Wednesday evening, "The agreement included several axes, the first move in an overall change with questions about the security ministries and some other ministers."

He added, that "the second part of the agreement stipulates that candidates provide components, alleged to have put the Prime Minister controls, one of the ultimately approve, and submit his cabinet to parliament later.
He continued, "The third axis of compatibility provides for reducing its government, if any, need to, even though the general trend is to keep the ministerial portfolios, as it previously distributed to the political blocs, as well as the inclusion of independent bodies and agencies in the process of change within the agreed schedule.

Regarding the fate of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in the event of the failure of efforts to reshuffle, al-Jubouri said the focus now is on the change of Ministers, with Abadi stay in office, and that is the formation of the government or change the current ministers.

He explained that the political blocs do not put the process of changing the prime minister has a key objective, but rather talk about the present candidates incompetent technocrats and honest.

On whether there was an international intervention in this matter, al-Jubouri said that "there is a dialogue about the role of internationalism and international forces, as some of these powers provide counseling and advice, while others find it builds perceptions of the political parties need to be taken into account."

The report by Reuters spoke yesterday about the entry of the United States and Iran in a tacit alliance to support al-Abadi, a challenge the ruling elite's plans to form a government of non-political, address them to corruption. The report quoted Sajjad horses, an analyst provides advice to the prime minister, according to the agency, as saying that "the Americans and the Iranians and the reference top Shi'ite cleric Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani had them all the same view is to keep al-Abadi in power, and appoints ministers Jaddeda.anthy (1)