Work: open inclusiveness subsidizing social protection next Sunday
{Baghdad} Euphrates News announced that the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, it will open the door of inclusiveness subsidizing social protection to 400 thousand individuals and families within the allocations earmarked for 2016 for the body social protection.
According to a ministry statement, received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of them, " The Ministry will open a comprehensive subsidy of social protection on the tenth of this April for men and women who meet the poverty map after the allocation trillion and 976 billion dinars for the program of social protection within the 2016 budget."
He added that " the second batch of social protection benefits will include coverage of 1,000,400 thousand individual and family after he was the first batch of 2016 include a million individuals and families , "explaining that" the increase include 400 thousand individuals and families within the new inclusion, social protection body be launched starting from the tenth of this month . " . the
statement pointed out that "the Ministry of Finance allocates amounts for covered actual and that's been the case in previous budgets," noting that "social protection allocations for the year 2009 was 907 billion and 375 million dinars and has the amount increased to a trillion and 350 billion dinars and then to a trillion and 976 within current budget , depending on the amounts spent in previous years. "
the statement said that" the preparation of budgets all doors system is based on the expense of social protection allocations and under real data of the number of covered either under the old law or the social protection law No. 11 of 2014 and the rate of supplement its subsidy begins of 105 thousand dinars , down to 420 thousand dinars ".anthy