Warka Bank refutes "allegations" Alusi on the conversion of a significant amount of Iyad Allawi

Thursday April 7, 2016 11:40

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Mark Warka Bank, on Thursday, was announced by Mithal al-Alusi on the conversion of a significant amount of Iyad Allawi is "incorrect allegations", indicating that all the bank's operations was done according to the law and properly.

And the transfer of Allawi's office, quoting a statement of the bank received Alsumaria News a copy of it, "We are surprised by a statement Mithal al-Alusi of a satellite about converting a large amount by the bank due to former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, which has been altered aggressively calling for a provocation unprecedented, without reinforcing the required documents in such a charge and so it is considered a defamation claim for the purpose of political projection which some have consistently promoted especially for utilitarian purposes. "

He said the bank was "at a time when the central bank began to rehabilitate the bank process and crisis that you know the causes and causes nothing to do with all these crisis allegations MP Mithal al-Alusi, which we do not find her interpretation at all we do not know why this bank is fighting directly and periodically and if a hand manipulated in the interests of all of this combining who is looking forward to the rehabilitation process that protects the rights of the waste and loss, "noting that" such allegations directly affect the rehabilitation of the bank, which hurt the interests of depositors, shareholders and all those who are associated with the process of their interests. "

He said the bank was "unprecedented Prime Warka Bank management to meet MP Mithal al-Alusi in any forum of the forums did not speak with him in such a claim at all in order to Spbouapn first, Saad structure did not visit Iraq since ten years has visited recently at the request of the Governor of Bank Central Bank to discuss the status of the second that the chairman of the board is not of the people who speak with outsiders words have no connection with him. "

He added the bank said, "Mithal al-Alusi is not a bank or in a position to achieve with Saad structure to convey such an alleged say is a matter of disgust because this statement does not issue, but from someone who does not know the banking business at all, and also betrays a bad attitude not characterized by Saad infrastructure as if chairman boy called to speak haphazardly and Atsamer with an example not being used to live outside Iraq and holds the most prestigious academic degrees, "pointing out that" this claim if he intended to bring down Allawi, there is no need to thrown in the name of Saad infrastructure and the Warka Bank, which is in the role of rehabilitation in order to be bridge, which crosses the Mithal al-Alusi, so this talk is totally rejected because it lacks the argument and common sense. "

He noted the bank that "just like any other government and private banks practicing credit work in all its activities and from external conversion process," noting that "If the bank has about amounts during the period of the government of Iyad Allawi, there is no doubt that he did so on the basis of the instructions of the Central Bank and the approval of the relevant ministries as well as the competent minister until sometimes the consent of the head of the CPA, and the bank's interest in it is accepted by the commission instructed the central bank. "

The bank he was "ready to enclose all required documents to refute the statement in what he claimed MP Mithal al-Alusi and says it by the media in order to determine how Iyad Allawi, Madha said its operations were all carried out under the law and properly impeccable and the central bank is aware and familiar with them and that he is committed fully to the provisions of money laundering Act No. 93 of 2004 ".

The press office of Iyad Allawi, on Tuesday, has said he would sue the President of the Umma party, Mithal al-Alusi because of his claims about converting Allawi sums of money to outside Iraq during his tenure as prime minister.

The alleged head of the Umma Party MP Mithal al-Alusi through one of the channels, issuing Ayad Allawi at his first prime minister directed the Warka Bank Ahli headed by Saad structure to convert the amount of $ 1200 million dollars (one billion two hundred million dollars) out of Iraq. "