Khazali raises the initiative for "reform" of the political system in Iraq

Published on: 7/4/20216, 18:01 Published by: Messenger of Delphi

The Secretary General of the Movement of the Righteous Qais al-Khazali, on Thursday, said it was an initiative aimed at "reform" of the political system in Iraq and turn it into based on political majority parliamentary system, the elimination of "corruption" in the joints of the state.

And diagnosed Khazali initiative titled "Constitutional Initiative for Reform" two main reasons for "corruption" in Iraq, the first is the current political system, which relies parliamentary system, noting that the latter is the "Find proper operation of quotas environment," and created the conditions for "the spread of corruption "in all the joints and state institutions. The second reason is "the characters, which manages the political action in terms of availability of the terms of competence, integrity and harmony, or not available."

And it included the initiative, taking into account the emphasis on the Constitution, and the gradual reform steps, attributed the reason for this is that "corruption has become a deeply rooted and can not be easily uprooted with one step."

Khazali said that "any reform project support changing political characters, it will achieve nothing and would not merely a prosthesis attempts if not accompanied or preceded by reforming the political system, and with the kind of work can not be another political system without a constitutional amendment and this is not possible to verify now."

And calls for al-Khazali, an initiative for the adoption of two phases, the first is the "piecemeal reform" phase by changing the current political system of quotas system to a political majority system, whereby the prime minister to form a government based on a number of political blocs sufficient number of members to form a parliamentary majority to achieve their required quorum to gain his confidence in the parliament and the prime minister chooses candidates professionals specialists.

Also it emphasizes the need for a gradual reform of the political system by converting it from based on the quota system to one based on a "political majority" within the ceiling of the current constitution, parliamentary system, parliamentary system, as well as change the members of the new government ministers bear the responsibility and bear the bloc clearly.

Initiative will also include the government and parliament demanding the new pledge, inter alia, that the current Prime Minister to dialogue with the political blocs to deal with each form that whosoever believeth in him to form a government with a parliamentary majority, and in the case of not being able to form a government, he should "resign" to give a chance for a candidate Last of its mass to do this role.

The initiative also point to the need to resort to Article 61 Eighth paragraph (b), in the case of non-submission of resignation, and the government shall be considered resigned and continues to the Prime Minister and the ministers in their posts for "conduct of business" in accordance with paragraph c and d of the same material, and that the president assigns another candidate from National Alliance bloc as the largest bloc in accordance with Article 76 of the Constitution.

It also states the initiative that the new candidate for prime minister vows to form a government on the basis of the parliamentary majority and the vows as well as to have his choice of ministers based on professional competence and expertise basis in the field of management and a lack of suspicions of corruption against him as well as the failure to include the accountability and justice procedures.

Khazali pointed out that the initiative requires the new government that is to "preserve the unity and sovereignty of Iraq, and support for the armed forces and the crowd folk to complete liberate the land of honking Daash takfiri, and the reconstruction of liberated areas and the return of displaced people to their home areas, as well as a scientific and practical treatments to cope with the crisis the current economic, and do real and effective action to fight corruption and the corrupt and recover stolen and smuggled money, in addition to ending the proxy appointments for positions mentioned in Article 61 V and provide new candidates file away from quotas style. "

He said, "The Parliament should be doing the enactment of laws to ensure the application of Article 30 of the Constitution which states that the state guarantees for the individual and the family, especially children and women social and health security and fundamental ingredient for living in a free and dignified life, as well as ensure that all Iraqis, social and health security in the event of old age, sickness or disability for work, homelessness, orphanhood, or unemployment, and provide them housing and special programs for the care and rehabilitation. "

He said al-Khazali, the initiative also that the parliament "legislation Union Law Council mentioned in Article 48 of the Constitution, the enactment of the oil and gas law, mentioned in Article 112 of the Constitution, and to reconsider electoral commission a way that keeps them away from quotas and makes it independent of the fact until you turn the monitor upcoming elections and amending the current electoral law that will ensure the achievement of the will of the voters. "

He added that the duty of the parliament as well as "to discuss a proposal to bring forward the parliamentary elections with the appointment of provincial elections if the conditions are right to shorten the period of time to move to the second phase of the reform, as well as in order to reduce the financial cost of the two elections at a cost of a single operation."

The second phase proposed Khazali initiative is that "the next parliament elected will of the masses and on the basis of an election law just and under the supervision of an independent and fair election Commission, to conduct the constitutional amendments needed to achieve a radical and comprehensive reform in accordance with Article 126 of the Constitution, the most important change of the political system type to another system ensure it does not return the scourge of a new quota system as well as the non-return of dictatorship once again, as well as an also important other constitutional amendments, such as determining the number of members of parliament to suit the real need for the Iraqi people. "+