Alhbabi: candidates Abadi lack of qualifications of technocrats and others covered by the accountability and justice

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It confirmed the MP for the coalition of state law, Nahla Alhbabi, Thursday, that the new ministerial candidates of the cabin provided by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi lack of qualified technocrats, as well as the inclusion of some of the accountability and justice procedures.

She Alhbabi in a press statement that "the refusal of some candidates ministries technocrats who introduced them, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi by parliamentary committees came to the unavailability of required conditions that have been on the impact of their choice, as well as the inclusion of some of the law of accountability and justice, in addition to the withdrawal of some of them for different reasons."

"The coming days will witness the application scenario of choosing some of the characters technocrats that have been nominated in accordance with the required qualifications, as well as a selection of other personalities of the political blocs to fill the vacuum in the candidates and trying to satisfy the blocs and political parties."