Training programs in Banking and Finance

It identified the Arab Academy, one of the joint Arab action institutions of the Council of Arab Economic Unity - League of Arab States, the establishment of training programs held in Amman and the Dead Sea in Jordan during the months this April and May next, as well as courses to be held in each of Arbil, Sulaymaniyah and Basra later this year. She said the coordination and follow-up director at the Academy Abir Abu modesty, that the programs which will be held in the financial training and Banking Institute of the Academy in the Jordanian capital Amman for the months of April and May will include sessions specific to customer relationship management of their extreme care as well as industry and market analysis for the purpose of investment and financing, as well as the design and work policies, programs and action plans relating to compliance and anti-money laundering and know your customer. Abu modesty and pointed to the establishment of training courses related to the electronic administration of the Secretariat of the senior management and executive secretaries, and the law of the obligation to taxes on foreign accounts FATCA in addition to the
discovery of methods of accounting errors and correct them. He noted that the training programs will address the topics of planning and management of security operations technical information and physically in the banks, and analyzing financial statements and study the red zone, and the cycle of the importance of administrative leadership in front of the contemporary challenges of globalization which will be held in the sea Almit.ivkr that the types of training offered at the academy includes five main types of programs open the programs that are included in the annual training plan that includes, and are the dates and venues of distribution in the various Arab countries. As well as the establishment of contractual programs that are designed and implemented for the benefit of an individual or institution in particular, as well as job training where personnel training during the performance of their duties in the workplace. Special training programs where a trainee give specific skills in a particular field of knowledge-based fill special needs in this area are also included. And learning programs and training where the mail has become a very important means of providing mechanisms keep pace with the information and communication technology in addition to achieving the principle of effectiveness and efficiency in time and cost and revenue.