Rafidain Bank proceed with selling the dollar at the rate of the Central Bank

It announced the Rafidain Bank, directly from the bank to sell the dollar through its branches in Baghdad and the provinces, while confirming that the selling price will be as specified by the Central Bank of Iraq.
The general director of the bank on behalf Kamal al-Hassani, said that the bank and after receiving the approval of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Iraq will begin to sell the dollar to citizens through its branches in Baghdad and the provinces and resources self. "Al-Hassani said that" the price set for the project dollar selling was identified as specified price by the Central Bank of Iraq. "
The Union of Arab Banks has revealed on Sunday (24 January 2016), the possession of Rafidain Bank "largest" financial stocks in the region and the Arab world with total assets of $ 210 billion, and stressed that Iraq does not need the money in order to stimulate economic and banking sector, while He pointed out the need to develop human resources and banking work in Iraq.