Early June launch of the second batch of social subsidy for the months of April and May

BAGHDAD / JD / .. Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Head of Social Protection Agency Mohamed Xiaa Sudan announced that the Commission will launch the second installment of the subsidy of social protection for the months of April and May early June.
A spokesman for the social protection body said in a statement Menem Ammar / KD / received a copy of it: that the Commission had previously decided to launch a subsidy protection for covered in Baghdad and the provinces every two months instead of three months, equal to retirees and to alleviate the suffering of this segment.
He added that the total amount of allocations for social protection body arrived nearly two trillion dinars, after the addition of 650 billion dinars, an additional lump them within the 2016 budget in order to support social protection body to enable it to cover the largest number of poor chip and other categories.
Menem said that the new Protection Act No. 11 of 2014 comprehensiveness mechanisms different from the former was being factional, while the new law will depend pension situation by adopting the results of the poverty line exclusively determined by the Ministry of Planning.
He explained that the continuous coordination with the Finance Ministry to secure the entitlements of the beneficiaries of the body on a regular basis, especially the Ministry of Labor decided subsidy exchange every two months instead of three after coordination with the finance in this regard and the beginning of the month of June, adding that increasing the amount of the subsidy, according to the new law, subject to the economic situation in the country and the end of the current financial crisis.