Iyad Allawi: not getting any support even from the "Lord of mankind."
Dated: 04/06/2016
Wednesday 8:33
Activists trading on social networking sites a video of former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi , showing him and he loses his temper during a television interview.
In response to a question from a media Rinas Ali, in his "private meeting" on Iraq 's Tigris channel, be backed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, he said , Allawi: "I'm not looking for support from a word fluid support not Ovhma, but if you mean money, it is the Lord of mankind is taking the money."
Allawi added: "I did Arabia revetment of the death of the late King Abdullah, I attended the board of consolation and left, Qatar sent me an invitation and could not have had, and I sent one of the people on my behalf. "
In an angry attitude, Allawi attacked the presenter, saying:" respect yourself and if you want to ask, ask reasonable questions, and if you want to Tstvzni, I do not provoked, "vowing" accounting software provider on every word he said. "
the video , trading this indignation wave in social networking Iraq sites, he drew activists harshly criticized former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi , because when he spoke with the words " do not take money even from the Lord of mankind , "and his attack on the presenter of the program.
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