Allawi, the US ambassador: reform should be done in accordance with the road map
Wednesday 06-04-2016
| 1:58:52

Twilight News / met with the leader of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi on Wednesday, US Ambassador Stuart Jones.

According to a statement from Allawi's office, said the two sides addressed dealt with the general situation in Iraq and the region and the need to mobilize all efforts to fight the terrorist organizations and extremism, particularly the terrorist organization Daash as well as improving the economy.

The statement quoted Allawi as saying that "reform should be done in accordance with the road map and that the peaceful liabilities of demonstrators taken into consideration and be part of the road map, including the exit of sectarian and political quotas and achieve national reconciliation obnoxious and the fight against corruption and bring the corrupt to justice since 2003 until now and must only that it is not limited to changing faces. "