Deputy: parliamentary committees did not reject candidates Abadi and rumored attempt to abort the project technocrats

Wednesday 06-04-2016
| 1:24:30
Twilight News / denied a member of the House of Representatives MP Mohammed al-Shammari, Wednesday, recent rumors in the media about the rejection of candidates who presented them technocrat government, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, by the parliamentary committees.

Al-Shammari said, in a statement reported for Twilight News, said the information that is contained in some media about the list of candidates submitted by technocrats Abadi, inaccurate information as the parliamentary committees have not resolved their views on the candidates for the lack of time given to them.

Shammari said that despite some indicators pointing to the existence of notes on the biography and the performance of some of the candidates, but they do not live up to their rejection, especially after it has been to ensure the safety position of integrity, accountability and justice, adding that the noticeable than the rumored information in the media It is an attempt to abort the project technocrat government, where that information couched in a manner consistent with those sought by political parties and blocs and associates who felt since the voting process to change the ministerial Alcabah in last Thursday the seriousness of the situation in the event of the success of this project, which is a new approach depends standards away from quotas in the formation of the government, and that means it will undermine the interests and electoral gains

He noted a member of the Commission on Higher Education and Scientific Research parliament that the information reported on the assessment of the Commission on Higher Education of the candidate, Dr. Abdul Razzaq al-Issa, the Commission did not reject the candidate, but praised the scientific, academic and administrative biography.