Parliamentary Action Committee announces the date of the introduction of the new Social Welfare

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The head of the Committee on Labor and Social Affairs Parliamentary honest we hinted on Wednesday that more than 400,000 citizens covered by the new social welfare system, and while noting the inclusion of 13,000 citizen of the province of Babylon, stressed that the new date of submission of the program subsidy begins on the tenth of this April.

Sadiq we hinted in an interview with (long-Presse), the introduction of the inclusion of a program of social protection benefits will be new to all the provinces and the needy segments of society actually poor starting (the tenth of the month of April 2016).

He said we hinted, that the number covered by the social subsidy in all provinces ranges from 400 000 to 450 thousand, noting that the share of Babil province, which would be 13,000 people.

He said Chairman of the Labor and Social Affairs, that the introduction of the new social welfare depends on the form available on the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs site exclusively.