The private sector and the parallel program

Author: Yasser incumbent

04/06/2016 0:00

We talked in a previous column about upcoming economic program and focused on the importance of the clarity of the economic approach and let the emptied state to planning, monitoring and control and to allow the private sector to prove his ability on the economic file management and achieve the desired development.

Now if true , our expectations of the next of days will witness a qualitative leap in the dealing with economic affairs in the light of the upcoming reforms and promised, there is here a matter of very important regarding what the preparations taken by the private sector to take on such responsibility and more precisely what is needed from the private sector?

starting with the size of such liability is so big and requires an understanding of the new philosophy of economic program with the absorption of the financial envelope familiar with the country so they can be self - reliant in the provision of investment and construction requirements through its extensive relationships owned by the real private sector and representatives native how?.

starting on the representatives of the private sector true and I confirm here real striving to attract capital immigrant investor outside the country because the sons of the country first built and invested wealth, and then work to bring real big companies partners with competence and experience in building countries passed the same conditions and work to create climates attractive by supporting state legislation guaranteeing assure a guarantor for maintaining these partnerships in order to restore confidence in Iraq a major title for possession of natural wealth and wide.

eight many countries of the Great world consider Iraq as the eighth tiger and we embody this vision through the partnership between the state and the private sector to provide initiate construction and implementation of the requirements of

now required to heal Iraq 's real private sector at home and abroad for the preparation of a parallel program of economic program expected and it is prepared to implement it and make it to the fullest, and by the way I call on everyone not to adhere to the Ģegoģ and stumping on the material support, Vkdavqdtna a lot of chances of success anticipated.