International Monetary Fund to discuss with members of the Economic Forum , the latest developments in the talks and negotiations on the loan , which will be given to Iraq and revitalize the Iraqi economy

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Search IMF delegation led by Mr. Christian Jones , head of the IMF mission to Iraq with a delegation of members of the Iraqi Business Council in important symposium Fund filed about the latest developments in the discussions and negotiations that are made ​​with the Iraqi government recently, with regard to the economic rescue plan and a loan that would give the International Monetary Fund for Iraq ,

And attended by the Council by the President of the Council d. Majid al - Saadi and members of the governing body of Mr. Osama Al - Quraishi and Ms. Lawson Khafaji and members of the Council attended by Mr. Ahmed al - Jubouri, a professor raised the judge, Mr. Hassan Paint, Professor Black Peace, a professor lion surgeon, Ms. Shatha Zuhairi and Mr. Manaf Said, a professor Alaa Amr ABB Inc. And a representative of the International Group for a construction company and general manager of the crew and the Council. The Belgian Ambassador Henrik Van de gotta and a number of heads of diplomatic missions concerned with economic affairs in Iraq and representatives also attended Capital Bank and by fund Miss Marwa Alencah / Resident Representative of IMF mission (Iraq and Yemen) and the number of the Fund 's staff.

The President of the IMF mission on the Convention concluded with the Iraqi authorities about the financial and economic reforms to the Iraqi government , which continues its part , the progress under the program , which is monitored by IMF staff, has achieved three of the five indicative targets, to be achieved by the end of the month of December 2015, this is due to the low level of implementation of spending on wages and pensions, and goods and services , manufacturing, either targets for tunnels in the social sphere have been achieved but a simple margin, and the goals of non - accumulation of external and internal arrears for payment did not materialize due to the limited liquidity of the Iraqi government. The IMF has said the Iraqi government will soon impose a tax on the individual in the public and private sector income.

He pointed out that the Iraqi authorities have made ​​progress with the International Monetary Fund experts to reach an understanding on a program of economic and fiscal policies, which can be supported by funding. Such a program would include more measures to adjust the overall financial situation of Iraq, in order to make spending in line with the low level of oil prices, and the ability to achieve debt sustainability on an ongoing basis. It is expected that the program also includes measures to protect the poor, and the introduction of reforms to the management of public finances, in order to promote transparency in public finances, and improve the quality of public spending, in addition to enhancing the stability of the financial sector. These discussions will continue between the Iraqi government and experts during the joint spring meetings during the month of April 2016, with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, this has been the meeting included presentations to members of the Board with the IMF delegation.