"Closed envelope" Government awaiting settlement .. unconstitutional and controversial step-Abadi


wrote political editor

Did not reach the parliamentary blocs to compatible after them out of the "closed envelope" presented by the Prime Minister to the Presidency of the crisis House version included the names of the proposed candidates for ministerial occupancy cabin, and leaked details to the media before opening the envelope.

The corridors of the National Alliance now embraces Almottagadelan about changing some of the representatives of the parties and to keep some of them, provided the agreement with Abadi. And continuing discussions did not end after the final version of the agreement entered into.
At the same time the problem of parliamentary committees continue to look at the candidates for the closed envelope. According to parliamentary sources said most of the names are the subject of a difference, no candidate obtains on admissibility. It is thrust to bring some of them to parliament for a confrontation with the committees, but have been on hold as well.
The core issue of the constitutionality of the request Abadi or violating the Constitution and the law, has not been to stop then in Parliament, and was confined to his boss Note Saleem al-Jubouri, who introduced the problem without being stopped or questioned by members.
The opinion correct view, if adopted by reference the Constitution, just apply the study of "Cabin technocratic" of the Prime Minister to the parliament to consider its validity means resignation of the government, resulting in the feet of the president on a mandate from the deemed valid regardless of its mass, or even membership in parliament, or to submit a parliamentary complain about that. And linked to developments on the overall change or partial, sources close to the National Alliance, said, that the head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari has become "conscientious" to engage in the Ministry Abadi, but he and his colleagues are looking for a honorable exit does not expose its credibility.
Sources say that this director could be the return of al-Jaafari to a new selection for a few weeks to resign from the ministry after, or declare Abadi said Jaafari's office is not covered by the change, and this is enough to announce that Mstaf and unwilling.
But it's still different in relation to the Higher Education Minister Hussein al-Shahristani, after the publication attributed to him bribes scandal, the news talking about the start of a special investigation of integrity about them. According to close to the prime minister and his office sources, the nomination of al-Shahristani again is no longer acceptable.
In a related context, al-Shahristani criticized the feet of Prime Minister's Office issued a statement about the bribery scandal, based on what was published in the press, rather than file a complaint to the publisher. But Abadi confirmed the procedure, stressing that in the event of invalidity of the indictment will be issued a correction appropriate to do so.
Furthermore, the Council of Ministers meeting, which was held yesterday under the chairmanship of Abadi recorded 0.3 of the most prominent ministers absent to protest recent preoccupations Abadi and its uniqueness in the conduct of government reforms.
With the exception of Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, who submitted his resignation officially to the prime minister recently, has all of the finance minister, Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Culture Faryad Roandzi absent from the cabinet meeting in protest as a step on the atmosphere that prevails in the government's work over the last period.