Mashhadani, seeking to overturn a confidential informant law and approve a general amnesty

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - April 5 / April: Counting member of the political body of the Alliance of Iraqi forces Ahmed al - Mashhadani, on Tuesday, a decision eliminating the abolition of about a thousand of an arrest warrant for "reducing the phenomenon of confidential informant," as "justice for the oppressed , " while a student of the political blocs to shoulder legal responsibilities and to expedite the issuance of the amnesty law.

A member of the political body of the Alliance MP Ahmed al - Mashhadani said in a statement, said he salutes " the decision of the Central Investigating Court judiciary about a thousand cancel an arrest warrant issued by a confidential informant notorious information."

Al - Mashhadani said "we are in the time value of this blessed efforts that do justice to the oppressed and established justice in Iraq and embody the national spirit and contribute to the achievement of national reconciliation, we affirm what we have been asking for over and over again on many occasions the need to cancel the confidential informant law that caused harm to tens of thousands of Iraqis and their families, arrests random during the past period and the torture of detainees to the extent that the case reaches the detainee , gasping for breath at the hands of his tormentors and this has been confirmed by many international human rights organizations. "

He called al - Mashhadani, the parliamentary blocs, to "shoulder its legal and national responsibilities by expediting the issuance of the amnesty law and the release of innocent people and compensate them for damage to their material and moral damage and to hold confidential informant that installs submitted false information caused harm to others and to allocate it to the judiciary to obtain a fair penalty."

The Iraqi judiciary, announced on Tuesday that the Central Investigating Court in Baghdad about a thousand canceled an arrest warrant, indicating that this procedure was to reduce the "phenomenon" confidential informant and the similarity of names. Q ended