Integrity and oil Alaniapetan constitute committees to investigate the files of corruption of the oil contracts
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} formed Committees of integrity, oil and energy Alaniapetan, parliamentary committees to investigate corruption files that have been raised about the oil contracts and licensing rounds.
She said a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Commission Mona Ghorabi, in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that "the Parliamentary Integrity Commission met with the Commission on oil and energy in the presence of an inspector in the Ministry of Oil to discuss what was published in the media about the corruption files in licensing rounds, and then we formed the parliamentary committees mission to go to the Ministry of oil and the committee on the communion with the integrity Commission and the other goes to the Office of financial supervision task. "
She explained , " so we asked the Office of the Inspector General at the Ministry of oil Rphina all primitives on licensing rounds contracts during the previous years , "asserting" the determination of the committee to get to the truth "banner" No one is above the law on this file and will be held accountable any corrupt. "
she Ghorabi" including that the company in question involved corruption her arms outside the country, the integrity Committee representative visited the Australian ambassador and asked him a formal letter to provide the special investigative securities of this company . " .
It pointed out that " the integrity Committee addressed the oil Ministry on 15.07.2015 to inquire about the reason for referral of projects to this corrupt company in spite of the existence of financial Bzmtha dues not paid by the previous government," noting that " the current oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi , the off contract with this company and still file is open for investigation in order to reach real. "
The Ghorabi, said today's {Euphrates News} that" a number of members of the two committees went to the oil Ministry to verify the existence of corruption about licensing contracts issues. "
The chairman of the board Saleem al - Jubouri of Representatives has called on Monday, the energy Commission representative to conduct the investigation process on what is being said about the operations of corruption in oil contracts and to inform the parliament on the results of the investigation in cooperation with the parliamentary integrity. "
the media have published an investigation investigative largest bribe world has seen in the historical scandal Iraq , which like the scene of this corruption under the oil contracts cover included senior Iraqi officials level.
He noted the investigation conducted locations {Fbervaks Media}, and {Haventgon Post}, and the dissemination of Wednesday, March 30 / March, a number of prominent names in Iraq is a direct this relationship the scandal.
It is highlighted by Higher Education Minister Hussein al - Shahristani, who was oil minister in the previous government, the deputy prime minister for energy affairs in the session before.
also mentioned the names of each of Abdul Karim and coffee and Iraq 's oil minister in the previous government, and Jafar al - Musawi , director of the southern oil company and Kifah Numan , who took over as South oil Director - era oil minister Thamer Ghadhban, and Uday al - Quraishi a senior official at the South oil company.
also put the name Basil surgeon who is the link between the Iraqi officials, Inc. {unaoil} oil, which is owned by the Iranian Ehsani Atta, headquartered in Monaca. is over