Justice contract "on credit" with specialized food processing companies for the guests governing food

It revealed a source at the Ministry of Justice, on Tuesday, for contract reform circle with a competent food companies with equipment and by payment on credit in order to guests governing food processing.
The source told / balances News / "The current financial crisis has affected the topic of feeding of prisoners dramatically," noting that "Over the past years, the ministry relies on funding through the emergency line is located in the Council of Ministers and who is providing us with cash without reference to Ministry of Finance" .
The source, who declined to be named, said, "This case has particularly affected the development of the reform circle," noting that "forced it to contract with contractors from traders and competent companies with equipment Alamaiah and Order-term."
He stressed that "those companies did not ask for any financial benefits from us."
It is noteworthy that Iraq suffers from a severe financial crisis due to lower oil prices, which forced the government to follow the private austerity and retrenchment policy.