Experts: merging ministries will provide more than 800 million dinars for the budget

BAGHDAD / JD / .. A number of experts and specialists in the financial and economic state limbering effect made by the Prime Minister to the Parliament, which included reducing the number of ministries to 16 ministries after it was 22 ministries, as the state of economic benefit not only the provision of certain amounts which salaries Cabinet canceled their office, which is estimated at more than 800 million dinars a year, on the grounds that the ministry staff compact and general directors, agents and regale their posts will remain high privileges.
He says economic expert Abdul Hassan al-Shammari, said merging two ministries with the survival of staff and the general directors and agents is not considered Trchiqa true sense is intended to ease the burden on the state, but the ministerial limbering real must be based on scientific and well thought through any thinking about how to reduce the number of staff and the abolition of positions dealers foundations and general directors.
He said al-Shammari told / KD /: The Economic Planning of the state is very negative because it is not borne by experts, according to the studies, but have plans and decisions improvisational in order to satisfy some groups and personalities, adding that the merging of ministries in which any economic benefit not only provide the salary of the minister Almrhq This does not It equals something for the size of the state budget.
He must be a government limbering Trchiqa radically ie through the assignment of employees who exceed the age of 70 years into retirement, as well as the assignment of has the desire to retire even if underage, in addition to encouraging employees to work in the private sector while ensuring the rights of pension future, and this is what will save big money for the state.
He was a member of the Finance Committee Hossam punitive had revealed earlier told / KD / all of the three presidencies, ministers, advisers and MPs' salaries, stressing that the nominal salary are added and certificate provisions for the one who possesses a certificate Acanutora credited to the allocation ratio of 100% and a master's degree of 75% and a certificate Bakalorioas 45% either junior colleges and 25%.
He said the punitive that the salary of the three presidencies of 8 million dinars with the provisions certified 100% amounts to 16 million dinars, while the minister added 6 million dinars her certificate allocations, each according to his testimony, and advisers 6 million dinars and members of the House of Representatives four million dinars.
According to these figures, the Minister Almrhqin numbering six ministers, mostly holders of a Acanutora certificate, amounts to salary per minister KD 12 million, and the total salaries of 72 million dinars per month multiplied by 12 months a year, which means that the amounts which will provide for the budget year from these ministers estimated b 864 million dinars only.
For his part, stressed the financial expert Musab Abdul Khaliq that economic reform is not coming through the Ministerial limbering and reduce the number of ministries, but by having a real will to activate the productive sectors and support the private sector.
Said Abdul Khaliq told / KD /: that Iraq is facing a major economic crisis, and probably will face collapse at the economic level in the coming period if oil prices remain low, because the Iraqi government is now unable to put the root out of the current financial crisis, the solutions they resort to prosthetic to silence solutions People.
He noted that the money they borrow Iraq every day from international banks and fund all of the International Monetary for staff salaries dam with a strong conditions on Iraq in order to recover the money and the size of the monetary reserves decline continuously These are all serious signs that the situation in Iraq, so there's no point Ministerial limbering economic sense if there's no national will to get out of the current financial crisis.
And handed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Parliament last Thursday a list of the new cabinet and his booth include CVs for 14 except for the ministers of defense and interior.