Thieves salaries received them retroactively

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Salman Rashid

Thieves Governing Council and Zaraarah Baathist Allawi and al-Jaafari and the three presidencies and networks received their pensions for one year of service, or two or three years while the boy Aljaibh serve at least 15 years to be entitled to a pension.

Thieves who stole public money in the form of allowances and benefits of the post gouge hemorrhoids and beautify the breasts and bellied dispatch salaries and lack of honor on the looting pension obscene salaries as if they were built Iraq while they Khrboh.

Haider al-Abadi Akecmr born Aljaibh rescind retired thieves publicly but secretly re-as happened to the salaries of the Council on Alibaba, which has reduced then Aotaidt them retroactively.

How restores thieves plundering of public money:

First, persistently President and the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Pope on the looting.

Second, the proper interpretation of the looting of the Baathist Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud, who chaired the judiciary with a criminal because of the parts (ears) was born Aljaibh by order of Saddam.

In any respectable country last cut ears even to hardened criminals prevents law and human rights, while categorically ears is headed by Mahmoud elimination means eliminating corruption from top to bottom.

The three presidencies and networks become members well versed in lying and deceit and Akecmrh born Aljaibh and last Akecmrh Abadi reforms package that Vtbaha Ministry technocrats failed after the sit-ins, Mr. al-Sadr.

Thieves three presidencies and networks openly supported the change and then intercepted him in the scenes on behalf of quotas which are the cause of the destruction of Iraq and the looting of their money.

Ed reform with the infallible (but) must be consistent with the Constitution and the quotas. Ali Baba Saudi al-Jubouri, was endorsed by the Council with (but) must be consistent with the Constitution and the quotas Abadi while dancing on the ropes for reform Akecmrh born jar.

Mr. Sadr ins terrorized thieves pushed them to support it after it backed Aljaibh born and some of them wanted to sit Aftrdh chest graciously.

Thieves conspire to Bamamthm sit-ins, such as Ammar al-Hakim and what is Bgam Italian and Bbdlathm after (D_ak_ichehem) like rotten failed Nuri al-Maliki and purpose to continue to loot to steal money.

Solution: Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr threatened to thieves (Bhla gouge) in the event of their gathering on the sit-ins and we hope that (Iqalam) boots protesters has reward.

NOTE: In case of failure of the sit-ins Bakalam would be the greatest catastrophe because the thieves believed in punishment and punishment of security will continue to be looted public money exponentially.