Commission of Inquiry reveal the "stolen money" in the licensing rounds

Tuesday 5 April 2016 | 18:25
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Baghdad ... revealed the parliamentary commission of inquiry and the issue of the Integrity Committee and the parliamentary oil and energy for the amount of money stolen during the concluded oil contracts during the past years, where the Commission indicate that the amounts stolen is estimated at more than fifty million dollars.

As the oil ministry has denied the charges against them over the conference held former Deputy Prime Minister for Petroleum and Energy, Hussein al-Shahristani, however, these justifications, according to the parliamentary energy commission does not fit with the facts presented by the site Vairovks Media Hovengtin Post.

The member of the Energy Committee, and the committee in charge of investigating the beauty Muhammadawi's "Eye of Iraq News," "The figures contained in the investigation confirm that the size of the stolen funds through oil contracts rounds estimated at more than fifty million dollars."

He Muhammadawi, "The document condemns the senior officials at the Oil Ministry in the previous government, including the directors of procurators, noting that" the document received the names of many, notably the deputy prime minister for energy affairs in the previous government Hussein al-Shahristani, the oil minister and officials in the ministry. "

He stressed that "a number of members of the Committee visited the Australian Embassy to provide them with other documents reinforce the investigation opened by the Parliament and will file other visits in this regard for a number of embassies and sites to which they belong."

And he showed the prime minister, according to a statement today received the "Eye of Iraq News," a copy of which support the full support of the committee in charge of investigating the private oil contracts issue of corruption. "

The statement said the prime minister that the Iraqi government supports the oversight role of Parliament and prepared by step toward the realization of the principle of control and follow-up by the Iraqi parliament.

He also added the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said he "attaches great importance to the information revealed by the investigative journalism at both sites," pointing to "the need to stand on its details and verified in accordance with the law."

And put Investigative Reporting published by the signatories officials the names in front of the Arab and international public opinion, as well as public opinion of Iraq, where the newspaper Charlie Hebdo French commented on the subject in its front page, through Karkatirih fees had brought "financial terrorism" addresses, which shows wealthy people carrying plates books them, "I am - Panama," and "they will not change our way of life."

For his part, he pointed out a member of the Integrity Committee and the committee formed to investigate Adel Nouri's "Eye of Iraq News," "The committee hosted the Inspector General of the Ministry of Oil and charged him a number of questions in this regard."

He added, "The committee would host other officials named the document, including the directors of procurators and deputy prime minister for energy affairs of the former," noting that "the Commission will not tolerate investigations, and will refer the corrupt to justice, no matter how their representatives."

Nouri also called the Integrity Commission to "take effective and serious in the fight against the corrupt and that the role of Ataatkhz role of reclusion and isolation and distancing investigate all corruption file for public funds, and that does not favor any political party whatever her position."

The government had asked the international agencies by providing them with documents sufficient to condemn the corruption involved Iraqi figures, which may not end there corruption scandals, especially after the emergence of other files prove the involvement of officials considered to be "leaders" in the political process, for the same institution.

As bloggers called on social networking sites on the government to seriously investigate the published files, reminding it of the documents "Wikileaks", which floated on the scene a few months ago from now, and that at that time the government has vowed to investigate, but it was not promises Okther.anthy.m.g 8