"Our economy" published the final communiqué of the meeting of the founding of the Iraqi economic forum
April 5, 2016


Announced 12 formations represent the private sector, on Monday, launching the Iraqi economic forum, while calling for an end to "monopoly" in all types of investment opportunity for new ventures, Parliament urged the need for enactment of the frame work of the forum for the exercise course "national service" of Iraqi society.

Participants in the founding of the Forum on its closing statement which announced the presence of the Iraqi Ambassador in Jordan, Safiya Al-Suhail, an Iraqi parliamentary and governmental personalities, news economy received a copy, the statement:

1. condemn terrorism against Iraq and the region in General, and almmentdi calls Government to speed reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist attacks and the return of citizens to their homes and regions to its stability.

2. Invites the Forum to represent him and his worse in the process of economic reform and government commissions such as the Economic Commission in the Cabinet and advisers and the House when federal budgeting as well as involvement in foreign visits of the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic and the relevant economic balshan

3. We call upon the Government to adopt a national programme to support working women and create investment opportunities for women in business and investment, with the participation of the Forum has a clear vision about how to find the means to support and empower women economically.

4. the meeting reiterated the invitation to the founding Conference of the Forum in Baghdad later sponsored by the Iraqi Government.

Saw the closing session of the Forum, which was held yesterday evening, speeches, including one to the Ambassador of Iraq in Jordan, President of the Parliamentary Commission on the economy and investment, Jawad Al-Bolani.