12 formations representing the private sector , calling the Iraqi Economic Forum

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04/04/2016 16:34
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Announced 12 formations representing the private sector, on Monday, the launch of the Iraqi Economic Forum, and while they called to end the "monopoly" government of all kinds to allow the investment to enter into new projects, urged the parliament on the need to enact a law framed the Forum's work to exercise its role "national in the service." Iraqi society.

Participants said the establishment of the Forum in their final statement, which announced the presence of the Iraqi ambassador to the Kingdom of Jordan, Safiya al-Suhail, the Iraqi figures and parliamentary government, and received a (long-Presse) a copy of it, that "links and public unions and organizations gathered in Amman, Jordan, for two days to launch Economic Forum Iraqi official ", stressing" denounce terrorism suffered by Iraq and the region in general. "

He called on the participants, the Iraqi government to "accelerate the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism in preparation for the return of displaced persons to their homes," and urged the need to "representation and involvement in the economic reform task state commissions process and the preparation of public budgets Foreign Visits to the President and the government, related to economic affairs."

He stressed Economic Forum of Iraq, "to adopt a national program to support women and to find investment opportunities for women, and the establishment of a supreme body to oversee the restructuring of state enterprises and turn them into effective facilities trump card in partnership with the private sector, to reduce the operational burden on the budget, and to improve the living conditions of the Iraqi people." .

The participants felt the forum, the importance of "ending the government monopoly of all kinds and in all areas to allow the investment to enter into new projects," and urged the parliament on the need to "enact a law framed the Forum's work to exercise its national role in the Iraqi community service."

The participants agreed to hold the founding conference of the forum later in Baghdad, under the auspices of the Iraqi government.

And saw the closing session of the forum, which was held yesterday evening, speeches, including one of Iraq's ambassador to Jordan, and the other head of the parliamentary economy and investment, Jawad al-Bolani.

And signed the final declaration of the World Economic Forum Iraq's 12 council or a union or association, the Association of Iraqi private banks, the Iraqi Jordanian Business Council, the Iraqi National Business Council, the Iraqi Business Council in Abu Dhabi, and the Iraqi Council of Lebanese businessman, Iraqi Business Council, federations of chambers of commerce and industries Iraqi and Iraqi contractors and Iraqi businessmen and farm associations.

The authorities Iraqi participation forum was held during the past two days, a consultative and organizational meeting called by the Iraqi Business Council in Amman, at the invitation of the Iraqi Business Council in Jordan.