It required a banking sector that provides advanced products
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Thread: It required a banking sector that provides advanced products

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    It required a banking sector that provides advanced products

    It required a banking sector that provides advanced products

    4/4/2016 0:00

    BAGHDAD - Hussein Tgb
    Tawfiq inhibitor economist stressed the importance of contributing to the banking sector in supplying the investment process and moving the production work, and to do the session capital to assist in moving the production of industrial and agricultural sectors.
    He said in an interview for «morning»: The banks are required to develop cooperation mechanisms integrated with the productive sectors in order to raise its contribution to the gross domestic product rather than relying on the world market and increasing steadily for rents and unilateral economy, pointing to the diagnosis of the obstacles and causes that confuse the process of development to be an appropriate solution and have treatment within a specified ceiling
    It is known.
    The best use

    Mana pointed out that the coming period requires overcome all the challenges that turned in front of the creation of a strong economy through the establishment of a balanced and integrated economic development and promote the development of economic reality through the best use of human and material resources and the graphic visions of the economy and sustainable development.
    He pointed out that the development of the banking system has a positive role in creating ground attractive and encouraging for investors at home and abroad, especially as the investment is a sophisticated banking services one of the major cornerstones of his work is seen to the extent provided in a country that purports to work
    Within it.
    Banking products

    He urged that the role of the current banking sector more effective in providing sophisticated banking products and that there be trust between the parties to the process and the beneficiary banks, pointing to the need to encourage savings capital in the banks and using them to serve the national economy instead of Aktnazha in homes. Companies invested foreign and domestic banks need to facilitate the processes required by the movement of cash by simplifying lending, finance, and insurance and conversion Allojcetk three things are the most important pillars of staff and external and domestic investment in all
    the world.
    Mana student working on specialized human resources development banking affairs and make it able to mastery of advanced technology adopted globally and regionally, Providing Qaeda fertile advanced banking technology is important in attracting investment and move all the field work
    His joints.

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