Nazareth heads the development of financial resources and economic development in the province Meeting

Dated: 03/04/2016 Sunday 7:48

Iraq today / Laith Serail
Found the governor of Dhi Gar- Yahia Nasseri, he said that "Dhi Qar, possess the economic fundamentals for the development of its financial resources in light of the current financial crisis," and increased with respect to the preceding paragraph: "ongoing work to develop trends and programs that the local government will be adopted in the process of finding alternative sources of funding." and on the determinants of resorting to these alternatives, we read: "
The adoption of alternatives process, requiring legislation and the decisions of the provincial council ".lsan Nazareth Alsm- information office, also reported on a meeting last Thursday," said Nazareth presided over the meeting of the development of financial resources and economic development, which was held in the office of the province, and was attended by Chairman of the Economic Committee in the House conservative - Rashid Serail, and representatives from the University of Dhi Qar, and chairman of the Investment Commission of Dhi Qar, and government departments concerned, and Nasiriyah Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of businessmen, said that the departments and agencies concerned with the economic situation the meeting, focused on finding sources of funding alternatives, and stand on the obstacles that might hinder measures that local government will take in this area, "and on the evaluation conservative of the importance of the development of sources of financial resources and the development of economic sectors in the province," is gaining great importance in light of the financial crisis faced by the country at the current stage, "Amma ability of Dhi Qar to cope with the financial consequences: "what possesses Dhi Qar province from the natural resources of great economic and ingredients, making them better able to face the repercussions of the financial crisis, and the advancement of economic reality," and returned the Nazarene to confirm with regard to the process of finding sources of funding, "requiring legislation and the decisions of the provincial council, and the development of financial resources enhances the economic potential of the province. " Governor also point, a serious quest to find alternative sources of funding: "The meetings and meetings between the agencies and departments concerned with economic and investment sectors, will continue in the coming days, to develop trends and foundations that will be launched, including the process of finding alternative sources of funding, to create economic development, able to revive economic sectors and to improve services and create jobs. " Our source chosen for the conclusion: "It was the governor of Dhi Qar - Yahia Nasseri, he has participated on Wednesday - the 23 last March in the work of the first economic conference of the Chamber of Commerce Nasiriyah, to find alternative sources of funding, which was held at the Hall lobby of the Municipality of Nasiriyah, and was attended by researchers from six universities Iraqi. "