Charges and fake pages pursue the proposed ministers and anticipates opening a "closed envelope"

2016-04-03 23:27:22 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Iraqi television announced, semi - official, last Thursday, in a flash to enter Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to the parliamentary session and in his hand , "Chuck White."

Before he raises his hand Abadi, amid heavy presence of the deputies, declaring that the closed envelope featuring the names of the ministers in the new selection, the media has started leaking some of those names.

It is likely MPs from the state law that leaked list of proposed ministers behind them close to the "Committee of Experts" that the nominations put points individually.

Throughout the entire month, the Prime Minister committed to reticence on the identity of the members of the Ministerial Committee for unclear reasons. A week before the presentation of new cabin turns chairing MP Mehdi al - Hafez for this committee membership of a group of academics and experts.

And until the moment of preparing the report denies knowing the members of the House of Representatives , including addition "closed envelope", and deny knowing the names of ministers and their number.

He says close to Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, who took the envelope from the Prime Minister at a meeting Thursday, he refused to see one of those names.

The head of the government , facing the House of Representatives, in a hearing last Thursday, "I present to you today a full ministerial lineup and not a partial implementation of what we have undertaken for our people ... composed of sixteen of the Ministry with the integration of the feminine and the ministries ..".

He added Abadi "offer on the list of candidates to take over the ministries management who were selected on professional grounds, competence and integrity and leadership ability ... may provide the Committee of Experts , which we formed of the finest group of senior academics and professionals in the country, a number of biographies of the candidates have been evaluated according to the criteria of objectivity and capabilities Personal".

The leaked list of candidates for the prime minister and includes 12 names, Bastnthae candidate for the Ministry of Industry and Trade , which merged, and Userati defense and interior , which was kept on and Sirma, while the ministry 's name remains unknown No. 16 observers.

It is likely MP Mohammad al - Karbouli, the head of the parliamentary solution, in an interview with the (range), to be "close to the Ministerial Committee of the episode is leaking this information."

Karbouli attribute the lack of a candidate for the Ministry of Industry and Trade Name, "not aware of the names of the proposed ministers MPs inside the envelope."

In turn , says MP Abdul Razak al - Haidari, a member of the parliamentary block of Badr, " The names of ministers leaked by people close to the Committee of Experts."

And excludes Haidari, in an interview with the (range), that " the Commission had deliberately leaked that information, but it happened in the end."

The list of names, which was leaked immediately following the entry into parliament Abadi 0.12 figure, including academics and politicians.

It is noted among former candidates list in the parliamentary elections were not lucky to win Kaharif Ali Bin Al Hussein, the candidate for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who ran for the National Coalition in 2010 , and the rule of law in the 2014 elections.

And nominate Abdul Razak al - Issa, the minister proposed to the Ministry of Education, on the list of coalition rule of law in the last parliamentary elections, and then became an adviser to the current Minister of Education Hussein al - Shahristani.

And it contributed to the leaks, according to observers, launching a media attack early on the candidates, although not officially make sure of the names in circulation. That prompted that denies Sharif Ali, in a brief statement, the presence of his personal page on Facebook.

The news page claiming to be affiliated with Sharif Ali news from the meetings held with the latter the current Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari.

The same page as published in cash directed to a method of Jaafari administration 's foreign policy, which embarrassed Sharif Ali, who has denied any links to the page.

In just hours, a number of pages on the social networking sites of some of the candidates, some of which bore the name " the minister ..". The first thread that emerged quickly is for the candidate of the Minister of Higher Education.

MP says Aziz Ugaili, a member of Bloc citizens, "Prime Minister chose the head of a party like the Sharif Ali , who heads the Constitutional Monarchy Party, and some proposed ministers are former candidates in the parliamentary elections."

Sees Ugaili, in an interview with the (range), the difficulty of passing the current candidates, especially with the announcement of the candidates of the Ministry of Construction and oil for their withdrawal to the lack of political consensus on their candidacies.

And pursuing the rest of the names , charges of belonging to the Baath Party, or the presence of their criminal restrictions. The House of Representatives and is still awaiting replies competent authorities about the names, after he sent the lists to the ministerial bodies of integrity and "accountability and justice" ..

Conversely begin the political blocs to form a committee to study the "biographies" of the candidates, that complete its work next week.

She says MP Mohammad al - Karbouli said "ten - day period in which parliament has promised a vote on the names enough, especially after the resolution of some of the candidates is between Baathist and political."

List accusations dogging the proposed ministers at this point and did not stop, and even published some of the websites for the Ministry of Education candidate Ali al - Jubouri, the former dean of the University of Tikrit, accused of belonging to the Islamic Party. While suggesting other leaks that Judge Mohammed Nasrallah, the candidate of the Ministry of Justice, continue to the Virtue Party.

In Moish it is therefore proposed that the Attorney Aziz Ugaili that "Abadi back to the consultation of the political blocs, because he will not get what he wants and no one will vote on the candidates in this format."

He insists the coalition of al - Hakim and other parties on the importance of taking into account " the national balance" and not to marginalize the rest of the components, and retain the electoral deadlines.

He says a member of a coalition of citizen that " the Dawa Party , not only Basthawwazh 90% of government positions and trying now that captures the ministries as well."

MP says Abdul Razak al - Haidari , "there is a possibility to go beyond the ten - day deadline, in exchange for a broader consultation with the masses to change the government."

Confirms MP Badr bloc that " the names chosen by al - Abadi was the introduction of the Committee of Experts", which says that it was "pro whatsoever of the Dawa party." Strongly he denied that the other blocs are aware of the candidates.

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