A statement from the united coalition of reform

2016-04-04 01:01:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Statement

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Held Muttahidoon an extraordinary meeting chaired by Mr. Osama Abdul Aziz Najafi evening of Sunday , April 3, 2016 and discussed the following matters:

1. continued Muttahidoon with great interest and concern to severe deteriorating humanitarian situation in the district of Fallujah because of the security under siege and subjected the civilian population to a campaign to starve the acute shortage of medicine, putting the lives of innocent population to certain death, and calls for coalition and the Iraqi government to take all possible means to deliver food and medicine in urgent and immediate and serious attention to the cause of liberation of the city from the control of criminals Daash, and reiterates its call for the government to hire sons usurped areas of Daash and open the door for them to volunteer extensively in support of our armed forces and the backing of the international coalition.

2. The participants discussed the humanitarian tragedy in the rest of the areas occupied by Daash in Mosul, Shirqat and Hawija and other areas and called on the government to resume editing operations to save people from starvation and shed Daash on their necks and take advantage of the people of these areas in support of our armed forces to accomplish the overall liberalization.

3. Discuss Muttahidoon theme of the ministerial change and reform put forward by the Prime Minister and confirms the Coalition on the importance of reform and its necessity, but it believes that confined to the cabinet reshuffle but it is a prosthesis to address the problems of serious and calls to be reform encompass aspects and aspects of the state, but for the change Ministerial they see in the case of adoption of a partial change to be justified and through constitutional and legal means and through the political blocs to take into account the principle of national balance and not to the absence of any component, and warns of exploit reform Kiavth to reinforce the dominance of a particular party and to expand his influence at the expense of others.

But if you choose the overall change , we see that that does not exclude the change one of the ministerial cabin and the masses to choose their candidates with experience and competence to fill their allocated ministries and in the case of the insistence of some people to ignore the political blocs and the looting of ingredients benefits the Muttahidoon may find himself in front of boycott option the next government and the opposition to adopt a position to serve our country and our people.

Najafi Media Office