Announced the emergence of the Iraqi Economic Forum , which brought together 12 private sector organizations, including the Association of Iraqi private banks

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Announced in the Jordanian capital Amman on Sunday for the emergence of the Iraqi Economic Forum, which brought together 12 Association and the Organization of the council representing the various activities of the private sector, including the Iraqi private banks association
The participants issued at the conclusion of a two-day consultative meetings a final statement read by the President of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal,
The statement denounced the terrorism suffered by Iraq and the region, and called on the government to speed up Bamaralamnatq affected him in preparation for the return of displaced persons to their homes.
Forum invited in his statement, which was read at the closing session which was attended by Ssadoralarac in Jordan Safiya al-Suhail, the Iraqi figures and parliamentary government, to representation and involvement in the process of economic reform in important government committees in the preparation of public budgets for Iraq, and in the foreign visits of the President and the Minister of the relevant economic affairs.
He stressed the need to adopt a national program to support women and to find investment opportunities for women,
The statement called for the establishment of a supreme body to oversee the restructuring of state enterprises and turn them into profitable enterprises effective partnership with the private sector, and to mitigate the operational burden on the budget, and to improve the living conditions of the Iraqi people.
The Forum saw the importance of ending the government monopoly in all its forms and in all areas to allow the investment to enter into new projects.
The forum announced in the final contract for its founding congress in Baghdad his statement at a time to be determined and under the auspices of the Iraqi government.
This was thrown at the closing session of the forum, including words from the word Iraq's ambassador to Jordan, another member of the House of Representatives Chairman of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Jawad al.

This took place on the final declaration of the World Economic Forum 12 Iraqi council and union, the Association is in addition to the Iraqi private banks association both the Business Council of Iraq and Jordan National Business Council of Iraq and the Iraqi Council of Labor Abu Dhabi and the Iraqi Council of Lebanese businessman and Iraqi Business Council
The list also included both federations of chambers of commerce and industries of the Iraqi and Iraqi contractors and Iraqi businessmen and farm associations