Anticipated economic program

Author: Yasser incumbent

03/04/2016 0:00

Seven days separate us from the cabinet reshuffle expected regardless of the timings , it has become necessary to introduce a new economic program is consistent with the cabinet reshuffle , which passed the stage of popular and parliamentary no pat a reality and a reality visible.

Economic The program is expected to be that embodies the economic reforms that the government is working on the implementation of any the ground prepared perfectly for the start of development of the basics of the program according to the requirements of comprehensive reforms, what concerns the economic ones, according to Restrict this page, the question is what are the most important requirements to achieve these reforms?.

Starting the challenges faced by the national economy great and many causes that led to disastrous results for as long as warned by economists in their diagnosis of the rentier economy is endangered and the biggest jolt suffered by Iraq is the drop in oil prices below the estimated oil price value calculated under the general budget for 2016 , which is no Iraq today faces economic crisis in light of the general situation and of confronting the enemy 's barbaric źDaash╗ in addition to the multi - faceted obligations and known to all. Need now requires identification of the Iraqi economy Is it a socialist economy, or a free or mixed, and the selection trials fought by countries that have preceded us in the same conditions and was able to address them to apply it .

I think everyone has come to believe that the state leave to the responsibilities of planning and supervisory and Almtabatih to carry out economic activities and to allow the way for the private sector to take up the matter with the show that this method to Aaghei role of the state but it remains the decision maker.

eight concepts addressed by the economists always on investment and partnership, privatization and payment on credit can achieve the desired goal in achieving sustainable development ; otherwise what is the solution in light of financial crisis suffocating expected to continue?

Therefore, all awaiting the economic program was able to lift the Iraqi economy from collapse, we are left plenty of time to wait.