DG: Khaled Ahmed Taha to announce itself in the media apply the proverb (almost criminal says support)

2016-05-03 02:11:20 | (Voice of Iraq) statement

The Deputy Minister stressed that the DG called Khaled Ahmed Taha to announce itself in the media apply the proverb (almost criminal says support), indicating that the witness has testified that this person is one of the four persons who conspire with Defense Minister seizes commissions.

In a statement quoted by the media Office of the day: "the four people mentioned in the press conference held yesterday, including two two two two, one of the facilitators is Khaled Ahmed Taha is an intermediary between the merchants and Defense Minister Khaled Al-Obeidi, common in the scandal agreed Commission contracts amounting to pass 50 percent."

It showed that "Khaled Ahmad Taha, is Dean of the army, a friend and fellow Defence Minister Khaled Al-Obeidi since it was appointed in the Institute of higher education in Mosul, when he became al-Obeidi as Defense Minister brought him to work as a consultant and grant car tariff, Baja and when the Minister informed Deputy Hanan Fatlawi intends to questioning in the House car walbag withdrawn because Pat brings his suspicions.

"Khalid Ahmed Taha and his tumult arose out of his silence yesterday when he made the statement when one eightieth threatened, if sees himself innocent of the charges against him for what he announced himself immediately while the name trader, might have meant another person", stating that "his hurrying to declare himself the maxim applies (hardly the offender says aid)."

I followed Alice: "I had no intention to uncover more information on that person to maintain the reputation and the reputation of his family, but he is the one who raced in the same announcement, I watched ready to testify that one of the four brokers and traders who conspire with Khaled Al-Obeidi," urging the Government to "carry out an investigation at the highest levels of corruption files belonging to the Ministry of defence and inflict maximum penalties to mischief."