House of Representatives vote on the law and determines the next meeting to discuss the new ministerial cabin
[Wayne - Baghdad]
House of Representatives voted in its regular twenty - second , headed by Salim al - President of the Council and in the presence of 256 deputies, on Saturday, on the one law and resolutions, and the end of the second reading of two bills, while the select session next Monday April 4, to discuss the new cabinet line -up .
According to a statement to the House of Representatives received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it that "At the outset of the meeting MP Mason Damauge followed a statement on behalf of the Committee on Culture and Information describing the Iraqi architectural departure known Zaha Hadid from an early age, praising the great role and its distinctive art of architectural designs in the world.
then he read the House of Representatives Al - Fatihah memory of the spirit of the deceased and for the souls of the martyrs of all of Iraq.
then he recited MP Abdul Kahar Samarrai , a statement on the difficult humanitarian situation in the city of Fallujah and the inability of the local government by the introduction of food aid to the citizens of the city, calling on Arab and Islamic countries to assist in the delivery of humanitarian aid to Fallujah and working to arm the sons of the tribes of the liberation of the city from the control of Daash terrorist gangs, as well as contributing in securing the necessary needs in the areas of displacement and the reconstruction of liberated areas.
on the other hand , the Council voted on a draft Code of military criminal Procedure and submitted by the committees, defense and legal security, which is the law It aims to expand the scope of the law and the granting of the commander in chief of the armed forces and Minister of defense the authority to issue a decision the military include increasing the powers prescribed to the Minister and the investigating officer the military and the judiciary, and select a command control authority to impose a specific penalty law and to provide the necessary military to try and Jahia and the absence of legal safeguards in all the roles of the investigation and trial and to reconsider in formations of military courts in line what has been established by the military judiciary.
in terms of Anbar province, the Council voted on a resolution as a "disaster province" at the request of 60 deputies, due to the victim for the damage to human lives and loss of tangible property and infrastructure estimated at 80 % as a result of terrorist Daash including health and educational facilities of the total is covered by the province crimes.
the Council also voted Bamsadegh on the final accounts of Iraq in 2007 and provided by the Finance Committee.
He noted Jubouri in this regard that " the ratification of the final accounts for Iraq for 2007 mean streak initiate revealed differences and follow - up. " on
the other hand , the Council proceeded to read the second draft amendment to the law of private investment liquidation of crude oil No. 64 Act of 2007 and sponsored by the committees of the oil, energy, economy and investment report that the Board completed the second reading and discussion of the project in the last time at the request of the authorities concerned.
and it completed the Council read the report and discuss the draft of official holidays and submitted by the committees of Awqaf and religious culture, media and legal Affairs Act.
in the interventions of Representatives, MP Abbas al - Bayati called for a switch suitable Ashura is defined in the bill the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein [p], also called to consider on Iraq 's accession to the League of Nations , a national holiday of the country.
MP pioneer Isaac making on the birth of Jesus Christ is an official holiday for all Iraqis and switch caste name contained in the draft law , the Christian religion.
She called MP Magda Tamimi to reduce holidays and occasions to increase the functional output momentum and the requirements of the higher interest of the state.
She suggested MP Hanan al determining the difference between the holidays and bank holidays and justice among all Iraqi sects and components with regard to religious occasions.
He MP Kanna to the first of April the grounds a national holiday for all Iraqis , it represents a recall New year 's Babylonian Assyrian most ancient Iraqi civilizations.
the MP stressed , but Talabani the need to differentiate between the holidays and bank holidays which disrupts the official working hours, noting to determine a national holiday in Iraq.
He called MP Farid Shaalan to increase working hours to make up for lost time on holidays and occasions.
She noted the MP Najiba Najib to add on the tragedy of Halabja to the bill in accordance with the reasons received.
He MP Arshad al - Salihi to the need to develop definitions for events and holidays in the bill, calling for the respect of all national and religious occasions for all Iraqis.
in response to the interventions of Representatives, the relevant committee has made ​​clear it I receive the proposals from several parties regarding the religious and national holidays , including adding on to science Iraq, saying it is developing definitions of festivals and public holidays to differentiate between them in terms of disruption and recall only.
In another matter followed by MP Kanna statement on the occasion of New year 's Babylonian Assyrian embodying belonging inherent to the civilization of Babylon and Assyria, ahead of congratulations to the people of the Christian people and all Iraqis, valuing attitudes the heroic Iraqi army and the Peshmerga forces and popular crowd and the sons of the tribes in addressing gangs terrorist Daash and start operations edit Nineveh, demanding to be the first of April a national holiday and public holiday for all Iraqis. This
was followed by Rep Rehab Abouda a statement on behalf of the Committee on women, Family and Children which denounced the crimes committed by Daash terrorist gangs in several areas , including murder, kidnapping and rape against Iraqi women , and the recent food blockade that has caused the suicide of an Iraqi woman with her ​​children, the House of Representatives claim to stand in support of Iraqi women and to speed up enactment of the Children Act to ensure their rights and the formation of the Supreme Council for women crimes, as well as a broader representation of women in ministerial cabin.
and did the Council read the report and discuss the draft of the fourth amendment to the civil Aviation Law No. 148 Act of 1974, as submitted by the Commission services and ages.
in the interventions of Representatives, MP Mahmoud Hassan stressed the need to rely on international agreements in this regard for the clauses and take advantage of its regulations in civil aviation organization, demanding the involvement of the legal committee in the legislation of the law.
I suggest Attorney Joseph Salioh to amend the bill in line with the improvement of the level of airports in Iraq and keep pace with global developments.
in response to the interventions, the Committee on confirmed to amend the bill in accordance with international agreements, so as to contribute to the reduction of irregularities, noting proceed to amend the law until the arrival of a draft civil aviation authority.
in terms of the new ministerial line - President of the Council pointed out that "names , who presented the Prime Minister referred to the bodies of integrity and question and justice and criminal registration in the Ministry of Interior for the biographies of the candidates timed my timing does not exceed 72 hours . "

He noted that" the House of Representatives will discuss the topic at a meeting next Monday to address the situation Altokiet necessary and legal cabinet reshuffle that was a new cabin or a cabinet reshuffle and how to deal with the names involved, calling on the relevant committees to cooperate in this regard. "
He noted that" the Council is not responsible for what has been published of the names in the media. "
in conclusion , the Council voted on a resolution to compel the Council of Ministers of all ministries and institutions consuming medicines and medical supplies to buy drugs and pharmaceuticals produced in accordance with the international standards of the public Company for the pharmaceutical industry Samarra to encourage and support national industries and in line with the package reforms.
The lifting of the House of Representatives to its meeting next Monday , April 4