Netherlands granted more than five million dollars for the reconstruction of liberated areas in Iraq

April 1, 2016 8:19
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Netherlands provided $ 5.69 million [5 million euros to the United Nations Development Programme to support the restoration of stability in the newly liberated areas from the control of the organization Daash efforts in Iraq.
According to a statement of the UN mission in Iraq [UNAMI] "The grant will be transferred in two installments to finance the immediate stabilization fund, the UNDP, which helps the liberated areas in the restoration of public infrastructure rehabilitation, and the launch of the local economy, and strengthen the government's ability, and promote community reconciliation ".
The Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme and the Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq, Lise Grande, at the signing ceremony today in Baghdad: "The hundreds of thousands of displaced Iraqis are ready to return to their homes in the liberated areas. One of our top priorities to assist in restoring stability to these areas, which destroyed large parts of which are large, we are very grateful for the generous support of the Dutch government. "
The Acting Netherlands Embassy in Baghdad, Jan van and reaped, Vsrah "The Netherlands is actively involved through the international coalition against al [Daash] in support of the Government of Iraq in the liberation of its occupied territories, and will be able to displaced people through financing the immediate stabilization fund] from returning to their homes after the liberation in order to pursue their lives in peace. "
The works financing the immediate stabilization fund, which was established in June 2015, the nine newly liberated areas in Anbar, Salahuddin, Nineveh and Diyala.
Fund work and proceeded in Ramadi, which caused massive destruction and pollution of explosives in slowing down the restoration of stability and the return of displaced persons efforts.