In the parliamentary economy by: discussing with foreign companies re supermarkets

History Tahrir:: 2016/4/1 10:11 81 times mqrwh

{Baghdad} Euphrates News said a member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Full Ghurairy, "The committee is working on the re-activation of the central market in Iraq through cooperation with foreign companies and businessmen."

He said Ghurairy told {Euphrates News} "We as a committee economy and investment Currently we have frequent meetings with foreign companies and businessmen inside and outside Iraq; to unlock all the stalled projects , whether industrial or agricultural."

He stressed that "there is a strong move, and we have noticed some overseas business demanded to have a meeting in the House of Representatives before a committee of economy and investment, and seek the subject of saving the country from economic crisis, and the opening of markets, and factories idle, the companies in Iraq. "

felt Ghurairy that" it is easy to re - supermarkets, as the investor and the companies when they come with their money will facilitate it and we can restore the country 's economy, and such markets to the Iraqis. "

he continued , " we will work in the coming days when these companies come and talk with them to activate all the factories and markets stalled. "
the Minister of trade and agency Mohamed Soudani face in February, will prepare an economic study; to stand on the reasons that impede the continuity of the work of the central market, stressing that there is a clear flaw borne by the company and the ministry.

the General Company for Central markets was founded in 1981, and began its work in early 1982, at the end of the eighties the company has expanded following the merger of several companies with it, such as the General Company for trade Iraqi precise hardware stores, and the General Company for Iraqi businesses. the company has the task of central markets in Baghdad and the provinces marked in the last term as the global origins sober subject to standardization and quality control, and competitive price. Ended h