"ONA Oil" scandal affect Shahristani and coffee and reveal handed them millions of dollars

Author: HAA
Editor: BK, BS

3/31/2016 18:03

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Revealed investigations by the two institutions journalistic an Australian and an American, on Thursday, for "corruption scandal major" related to Iraqi oil contracts, indicating that it includes pay bribes of hundreds of millions of dollars to Iraqi officials, including former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Higher Education and current scientific research, Hussain al-Shahristani, the oil minister former Abdul Karim and coffee, and other senior officials of the Ministry of oil and the South oil company, to pass the deals for the benefit of various global companies.

The Huffington Post newspaper, in a report today, I followed (the long-Presse), said that "investigations by Fairfax Media Foundation Fairfax Media Australian media, and newspaper Huffington Post, Huffington Post US, proved a major corruption scandal, concerning the Iraqi deals, oil-centered president Inc. (Leona Oil ) which is based in the Principality of Monaco-based ", noting that" the major players in the case are all from the Director Leona oil company in Iraq, Basil surgeon, and chief executive officer of the company, Cyrus Ahassana, and the Iraqi side, an employee at the oil Ministry, Uday al-Quraishi, the deputy Prime Minister and former oil minister, Hussain al-Shahristani, as well as others, including former oil minister, Abdul Karim and coffee officials. "

The newspaper reported that "the investigation of tens of thousands of e-mail secret messages, revealed that the ONA Oil company rep in Iraq, Basil surgeon, was the focus of the biggest bribe process at the global level, funded in some cases with the knowledge by dozens of American, British, European and Australian multinationals "noting that those" companies paid huge sums of money to the company ONA Oil, recent facilitates access to billions of dollars, through friends who are in senior positions in the Iraqi government deals. "

She Huffington Post, that "the surgeon was responsible for establishing those relationships and friendships in Iraq, since 2003, where he used his influence to pass huge contracts to the benefit of customers Oona Oil Company," indicating that "the surgeon was cautious in passing dealings, as was used hotel rooms to hold deals for the night, and symbols encrypted their communications. "

She explained the US newspaper, that "correspondents have spent months of investigations on flights wounds across the countries of Europe, to reveal a treasure trove of information in his e-mail messages private and memoirs that show his role of President in bribery deals", pointing out that "correspondents revealed the surgeon to bring government officials Iraqis around periodically, to meet customers Oona oil multinationals, the international oil companies and others, including Rolls-Royce, Petrovac, Clyde Bamps British, companies and Ivrforq and Cameron Natco and FMC US technology services giant, as well as other European like Sipim Saipem and SBM and MAN Turbo " .

And indicated Email own manager Leona Oil Company in Iraq messages, Basil surgeon, according to the newspaper, that "senior oil industry officials Iraqis, including the deputy prime minister, Hussain al-Shahristani, who were part of the circle of corruption without accountability under the watchful eyes of the Iraqi, British, European, American and awareness was Authorities ", as" the investigation revealed that the main objective behind the surgeon travel across Europe and the Middle East in early 2011, he was trying to co-opt two more influential in Iraq and the impact of them on behalf of the company agreed to pay bribes of up to $ 40 million. "

The Huffington Post, "The acts of theft and looting spread in Iraq in 2003 when US forces entered Baghdad, and took tanks and troops of the international coalition and the oil ministry building center of the Iraqi capital," indicating that "ONA Oil, which had the experience of transactions bribes in Iraq's oil sector since the era of Saddam Hussein, three years of Bush's invasion of the country before, and with a surgeon a director, as the company preferred to play the game itself to bribe the new officials in Baghdad. "

Revealed Email Messages wounds in 2005, always according to the US newspaper, for "his writing to customers Oona Oil for a meeting at the Charles de Gaulle airport in the French capital Paris, with a senior manager at FMC American Technology Services, the agreement to get the ratio of between five to ten percent of any contract won by the company in Iraq or Kuwait, "indicating that" Light surgeon then a senior official in the Iraqi oil Ministry, called the struggle of Naaman, to help the US company to win contracts that were other companies Mnasefh have been promised previously. "

The newspaper, that "the surgeon vowed to company FMC trying to co-opt the struggle of Naaman, by all means to change the course of the contracts in their favor," Msttrdh that "Naaman became in 2008 served as director-general of the South Oil Company, which is responsible for most of the high-value fields projects with their infrastructure." .

It went Huffington Post reported the US, saying, "The surgeon was then approached Naaman in Dubai on behalf of the British Rolls Royce company, one of the customers Oona Oil Company, which was seeking Iraq equipped with generators, worth tens of millions of dollars in contracts," adding that "the surgeon Rolls Royce company was informed that the control of Nu'man help get contracts that are competing on the rest of the companies, and spend two million and $ 684 gifts to influential people equivalent to the value of a hundred times that amount, because without it was not possible to get a contract. "

In a subsequent letter, the newspaper reported, that "the surgeon wrote that Noman advised that Rolls Royce intervention of the deal, because the value of the cost of the contract will not pose any obstacle," stressing that "preferably a net profit for each generator two million dollars with the exception of other costs."

The Huffington Post, "The ONA Oil Company, is the eligibility of the company to the family, founded by businessman Iranian septuagenarian, Atta Ehsani, who left Tehran at the outbreak of the Islamic Revolution, and in 1991 founded an oil consulting firm in London, and then Monaco, there is a monument and has Cyrus Saman and managers in the company to help him, and then expanded Oona Oil Company for a 200-member ", noting that" the company has dirty work consisted paying bribes to officials around the world. "

In one of the electronic messages, the surgeon wrote, the official ONA Oil Company, Cyrus Ehsani, according to the Times story, as a "promise to pay bribes of tens of thousands of dollars for new friends in the Iraqi Oil Ministry," noting that those "funds the company's help in securing the contract for the benefit of the company and Iverford giant to supply Iraq with chemical substances used in the oil refining operations. "

The surgeon, that "under the contract is any barrels of chemicals received by the Iraqi Oil Ministry of Iverford company, be Oona Oil had paid bribes to a group of senior Iraqi officials, among them Dhia Jaafar al-Moussawi, an official at the South Oil Company, who was a surgeon refers to in His speeches symbol Lighthouse Lighthouse, Mannar any sense. "

It continued the newspaper, that "the surgeon wrote for his company, saying that since Astmaltna renewed at the Oil Ministry this year to friends, turned five million dollars from the share Jassim and I gave to people in the ministry, so that the total amount paid is $ 13 million, although I would like to increase the share Manar (Jafar Musawi) from one million to two million dollars, being the most useful person for us. "

The Huffington Post, that with the "rise of Jafar al-Musawi, Inc. Oona Oil rose from paying bribes, the first was a trip to Monaco, and ultimately pay bribes in millions of dollars for investment, and in 2009, he was appointed Jafar, director general of the South Oil Company, and in 2015 became deputy minister of Iraq's oil. "

The paper disclosed, for "woo Oona Oil Company last official at the South Oil Company, is Uday al-Quraishi, who was a surgeon symbolizes his speeches symbol (Ivan), as written for his company that Uday would be of benefit for us in the SOC, because he was appointed by The ministry as a project manager to negotiate them and the company US GDP. "

The newspaper reported that "ONA Oil paid for Uday al-Quraishi, a monthly salary and the percentage of each contract worth several million dollars, is resolved to the benefit of customers Oona Oil Company."

On another occasion, the surgeon wrote the director saying, I have "met Ivan (Uday al-Quraishi) yesterday and we should give him a deposit, according to what has been the debate do, which is six thousand dollars, of which five thousand dollars to him, another thousand needed to give gifts to people working with him a monthly salary of , especially because he knows his share of the money to be paid by companies if we get confirmation of winning contracts for specific projects in the oil fields. "

The US newspaper, that "ONA Oil made from Jafar and Uday al-Quraishi men-rich, as stated in an e-mail message sent by the surgeon, the ONA Oil Company in 2010, Uday asked me to accompany him this morning to see the apartment in the British city of Gelsa, wants to buy ".

The paper said that "the extent of corruption uncovered e-mails written symbols, which talks about bribes symbolized by the Holiday Inn Holiday, paid for Jafar, worth million dollars," pointing out that "Cyrus Ehsani wrote in suggested in one of the electronic messages to give to Zia Jaafar al-Quraishi half Holliday (bribe), then rescinded its claims full Bholiday to secure a contract. "

In another e-mail, the newspaper said, "The surgeon said that Uday al-Quraishi asked several million dollars to secure the win Saipem Saipem Italian company one of the contracts," indicating that "the largest bribes Oona Oil company paid for the two incumbents position in the Iraqi Council of Ministers, had been supervising the the future of the oil industry in the country and attending the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) meeting. "

She stressed Huffington Post, that "the surgeon takes into account extreme caution in revealing the identity of these two people in his speeches, as a symbol of both the symbol M", adding that "it turned out later that the icon back to the former Minister of Oil Abdul Karim and coffee, while the Teacher icon (the teacher) back Deputy Prime Minister for energy Affairs, Hussein al-Shahristani, where he had contact with them is with them in the Jordanian capital, Amman, through an intermediary named Ahmed al-Jubouri, was his character Doctor (Dr.) ".

He described the wounds in electronic messages series, according to the paper, "How to Pass a contract worth a hundred million dollars in favor of Hoendaa company, by the teacher, as the surgeon to Hoendaa wrote it will ensure access to the contract if they paid for the company ONA Oil commission ranging from five to seven million dollars, and that part of the amount paid by the ONA Oil for Jabouri, who in turn will present the code M (for coffee) and a teacher (Shahristani). "

And it indulged American newspaper, that "the surgeon agreed in 2010 to pay more than a million dollars for Jabouri, before amending the amount to half a million dollars, to pay for his friends in Baghdad to settle the contracts in the Garraf oil field, on behalf of my company Petrofac and British SBM Dutch."

And it increased the Huffington Post, that "the surgeon agreed in 2010 and 2011 to pay bribes of more than $ 20 million to al-Jubouri, the impact on al-Shahristani and coffee, as was ONA Oil want to help them to secure for Offshore Leighton Offshore Leighton company to win a tender to extend an oil pipeline project worth two billion dollars."

The rampant corruption in various joints of the Iraqi government, and that several international organizations and bodies as long as Iraq ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.