Mr. Sadr, ending a sit-green and threatens to escalate if it does not pass a new cabi
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Thread: Mr. Sadr, ending a sit-green and threatens to escalate if it does not pass a new cabi

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    Mr. Sadr, ending a sit-green and threatens to escalate if it does not pass a new cabi

    Mr. Sadr, ending a sit-green and threatens to escalate if it does not pass a new cabin [Extended]

    March 31, 2016 22:02
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    Sadrists ended a leader Muqtada al-Sadr protest in front of the Green Zone after the submission of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi cabins and a new cabinet today to the House of Representatives.
    Mr. al-Sadr said in a speech televised from inside his tent in the Green Zone ", we were picking the fruits of what we do from the popular protests as Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi courage again step after the first and steadfast in the third state, where the announcement of a comprehensive cabins ministerial today except the ministries of interior and defense to put in the hands of the House of Representatives to be voted on. "
    Sadr promised the move "one of the fruit of the sit-ins and protests, which lasted a few days ago," stressing that parliamentary approval for the candidates "after confirming the safety of their attitude of integrity, accountability and justice to be approved them by the House of Representatives within 10 days, no more."
    He noted, "We will continue peaceful mass demonstrations after every Friday prayer in all the provinces of Iraq and all of its place to put pressure on MPs to vote on this ministerial cabin which we hope will be far away from the authority of the party and the party of power."
    He called al-Sadr followers to "end their sit-in in front of the Green Zone gates, saying: With super thanks and appreciation to you and I have honored us and you withdraw organizer and bid farewell to the security forces remote and not to approach the area of ​​the heavily fortified final and committed orders and renew our thanks for its security forces and that any attack on them is an attack on".
    He called on the leader of the Sadrist movement, "the political blocs to bear national responsibility and transcendence for the special interests and consider the public interest and the dimensions of the political differences for the completion of the national project for reform, particularly that Iraq would be in the highest levels of risk if they do not pay attention to the situation."
    Sadr said "if there is no vote on the ministerial cabin, we will be obliged to freeze the work of the Liberal bloc and call on everyone, particularly the Liberal bloc to pull its ministers and their resignations immediately from this government which sympathizes with the spoilers and we are shifting from the [commodities] to [commodity gouge] will be following our project to withdraw confidence from Prime Minister and ministerial his booth with the rest of the blocks that you want the public good and that you want to get away from the factional and partisan interests. "


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    Re: Mr. Sadr, ending a sit-green and threatens to escalate if it does not pass a new


    Parliamentary Integrity: Keywords did not serve the country's economy and needs to be changed

    Vmnaqsat economy
    Since 02/13/2016 13:01 pm (Baghdad time)

    Special - balances News

    He said the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary rapporteur Diwan Society, Saturday, the governor of the Central Bank did not provide any plan serve the Iraqi economy and must be changed.

    Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr has called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi change on the Keywords bank governor Marquis Iraq.

    The Bureau's / scales News /, that "the Parliamentary Integrity Committee last week hosted the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and asked him to submit an action plan in earnest Hafiz on the Iraqi economy but can not curb the moment."

    He asked, Diwan "Why is this gap between the exchange rate at the central bank and the market price and the difference between the two prices puts suspicions of corruption between the Bank and civil banks," stressing "the change Keywords and replaced the character has financial experience in the financial state administration as he put it."

    The student, the Court said, "The dollar is equal to the market price for the fact that the Central Bank announced the bank and the market price of a flat rate," he said. "There are five tiger in the sale of the bank and buy the market."

    He noted the Court that "the difference at the price of the dollar behind banks and points of certain figures taking advantage of the differences in the two rates," stressing that "the Governor of the Central Bank did not provide curb-minute real plan to save the financial situation of Iraq, saying Keywords inappropriate man in the right place, demanding change the character has the economic news in the banking and banking transactions away from the quota system. "

    The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq has announced that there are 130 trillion Iraqi dinars in circulation in the Iraqi street. "Ended 29/40 P
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    Re: Mr. Sadr, ending a sit-green and threatens to escalate if it does not pass a new


    Sadr wants Iraqis to get a share from country's oil revenues

    Influential Iraqi Shi'ite Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, leading protests to demand a technocrat government to fight graft, urged authorities on Monday to give every Iraqi a direct share from the nation's oil revenues.
    Iraq, with crude oil reserves among the largest in the world, ranks 161 out of 168 in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index in 2015.
    ``Allocate a share for each Iraqi citizen from the oil revenues,'' he said in a speech detailing proposals to end graft, improve public services and revive the economy. He gave no detail on how this might be done.
    Sadr's followers have been staging protests for about a month demanding a new government be formed with technocrats not affiliated with political parties in order to fight rampant corruption.
    The cleric didn't specify if his demand on distribution of oil revenue to the population was a condition to end the protests.
    (Reporting by Saif Hameed. Writing by Maher Chmaytelli; editing by Ralph Boulton)
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