Iraq initiate a draft assembly and production of Chinese cars

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Iraq began Bhmrua assemble and produce cars Crete Wall] Chinese.

And the company's general manager Adnan Ahmad Razin said in a statement that "the General Company for the manufacture of cars and equipment, one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced the immediate project assembly and production of cars Crete Wall] in cooperation with Iraq approach the company and Crete Wall of China.

"The company embarked on the implementation of civil works for the project, which covers an area of ​​7,500 square meters and a total cost of one billion and 223 million and 750 thousand dinars, which include sewer boycotted and the creation of steel structures and extensions of water and compressed air, electricity and pour the ground, adding that" after the completion of business civil will be initiated setting up the assembly and production line, expected to start production of pickups and saloon end of this year, pointing out that "cars type of Crete Wall] has received a great demand in the Iraqi market for Maatmtaz its high durability and specifications.

He noted that "the company has earlier launched the new production of pickups type Orson with Qmarp one payload of one ton to local markets at very suitable with traffic signs after he embarked on actual production Card [15] car / per day in conjunction with the company Aiko Iran.